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  1. Yes, I can do $670USD + postage. Given today as a shipping date: FedEx is $397.04 for Aug 5th, $497.46 for Aug 1st. UPS is $496.48 for Aug 4th up to $663.47 for 30 July. DHL is $301.86 for Aug 1st.
  2. Shipping to US via UPS is around $500AUD, DHL is $300AUD and FedEx is $370AUD.
  3. Purchased in November 2013, self-assembled and in as-new working condition. Only selling because I'm not using it enough. Comes with: - UltiController - 1 + 1/2 spools of blue PLA (from Diamond Age Solutions) - 3/4 spool of glow-in-the-dark white PLA (from Diamond Age Solutions) - wooden axis alignment tool - assembly screwdrivers (if desired) - small amount of blue tape - flexible z-axis coupling - power supply - SD card (if desired) Located in Brunswick, VIC. Asking price $900AUD.
  4. @foehnsturm any chance of getting hold of a full set of pulleys?
  5. Thanks illuminarti, I'll switch to full mode and start fiddling around with the configuration options. I'll tighten the belts as well and see if that helps... thanks for the advice!
  6. More diagnostic prints: here's the first layer of a box, printed 'high quality' (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:120179/#files): And a close up not too long after: Perhaps there is some inaccuracy on the x-axis? EDIT: it's part of the design, false alarm!
  7. No modifications to the setup, normal quality print of the ultimaker robot:
  8. Hey everyone! I tried printing the following design, quickprint 'high quality print': http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:157057/#files And what came out was this: Intermediate shots: I'm guessing it's over extruding (perhaps too hot) but I'm not sure where to start to improve the print quality. Any suggestions?
  9. I've managed to assemble the extrusion head, though the aluminium heater block is able to rotate with only a small amount of force. Is this normal?
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