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  1. Many thanks. Will give it a whirl. Any idea why the print would start to under extrude half way through?
  2. Hoping someone can help. We're seeing a lot of prints that almost fail. Funny thing is, is that they normally start out okay and then start to warp, miss lines, or extrude too much. We've tried adjusting settings but it doesn't seem to clear it up. Any advice? Layer Height: 01. Shell Thick: 0.8 Enable Retraction: tick Bottom/Top: 0.5 Fill density: 0 Print Speed 100% Temp: 210
  3. Thanks! Not sure about 'fix horrible'. Is that really a setting?!
  4. Hi - new to the Ultimaker but would love someone to try and print these STL files. They've been created via Processing and are representations of music. I've seen similar work created on the Replicator2 but I'm stumped as to how to print successfully on the Ultimaker. Link here > https://www.dropbox.com/s/n9b06av8vd0ipnx/Archive.zip Any help with settings would be a great help - if even possible! Thanks M
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