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  1. The settings used were 0.16mm layer heights at 50mm/sec at 260C hot end and 60C bed and it printed out this way.
  2. I 3D printed some Bitcoins in colorFabb Bronze material and I'm pleased with the results. It's great material because you can polish it to a metallic shine and it even has the weight of metal.
  3. I 3D printed my own head in colorFabb Bronzefill material and it turned out amazing. I can't wait to finish the polishing on it and have it look like real bronze.
  4. It was the high temp XT which I don't believe they have on sale yet, they sent me a few rolls to play with.
  5. Thank you! Thanks, it's awesome to finally be on here. Been so busy lately I didn't realize I wasn't already active on the forum. Time to change that! Been having a blast playing Music on the Ultimaker v1 lately while doing some other projects. People seem to really enjoy seeing the many uses.
  6. Hello, My name is Jerry (aka. Barnacules) and I produce Barnacules Nerdgasm on YouTube (http://barnnerd.com'>http://barnnerd.com'>http://barnnerd.com'>http://barnnerd.com). I have an Ultimaker v1, Ultimaker v2 and a Robo3D printer and I'm heavy into 3D printing. Below are just a few of the videos I have done with my Ultimaker printers that you might enjoy. 3D Printing Planetary Gears 3D Printing & Painting Pokemon Pokeball 3D Printing LEGO Compatible Bricks I also did something a little crazy and played some music on my Ultimaker by converting MIDI's to GCODE using MIDI2CNC.PY python script freely available on the internet. Super Mario Bros Theme Played on Ultimaker v1 Skrillix Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites played on Ultimaker v1 If you guys want to see more of the 'Nerd Cave' here is my last room tour I did a few months ago Nerd Cave Room Tour I hope you guys enjoy my videos and I look forward to being a member of these forums since the Ultimaker 3D printer is my favorite 3D printing platform I've used to date! Thanks, Jerry (aka. Barnacules) http://barnnerd.com
  7. The 290° to 90° method worked fantastic for me! Thank you, I was pulling my hair out. And everyone is right the Ultimaker V1 was a lot easier to clear a clog and work with in general but the UM2 is much more automated and quiet which I quite like
  8. Wow, I just read this thread and this makes me completely sick to my stomach. I hope the criminals that stole them are found quickly and deposited in prison for a good long time. Since I have a huge YouTube channel with a large focus on 3D printing I am going to keep an eye and ear out for anyone talking about units they obtained from 3rd parties and if I find some I will get them to check the serial #'s. I get a massive amount of questions about Ultimakers daily so hopefully the criminal will be stupid and get in touch with me also. I would recommend that you guys put in some craigslist ads and other classified ads looking for Ultimaker 2's cheaper then retail stating you can't afford one directly from them. And see if anyone bites and responds to the ad, I've seen it work before. I hope you guys get some justice! Jerry (aka. Barnacules) http://barnnerd.com
  9. Hello Ultimaker Forum! My name is Jerry (aka. Barnacules) and I produce Barnacules Nerdgasm on YouTube. I'm a huge Ultimaker v1 fan and absolutely love the technology and use it almost daily. I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum and also share a print I did yesterday for Thanksgiving with you all! I also have tons of other 3D printing videos on my channel and many more coming in December! Thanks and Happy Hollidays! Jerry
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