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  1. Ok, good to know! I will continue my adventures with the machine and start asking questions when I have learned thing or two. :-P Like said the results what I am getting on my prints are more than enough for me so there is no reason to be alarmed yet.
  2. First try to see if there's a broblems. I've been notising some "ghost" lines on corners and details when printing normal or higher speeds. Im just wondering is this the case on this test too? Could the belts be little loose or some backlash somewhere .. Since I got holes on the markings starting from 6mm3/s. Otherwise print seems to be near ok. Its printed at 230C and bed at 60C. Only modification on the machine is this: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/low-friction-um2-spoolholder, btw thanks for great design IrobertI! edit by gr5: fixed link
  3. Nothing fancy or highly creative on the photos.. Pretty impressive machine this UM2! Its my 5th print on the machine and im trying to get it dialed in. Actually there has been little to do and quality of the prints exceeded my expectations. There is still few things what I am trying to improve, but not sure is it reasonable or even possible. Have to check out first, most of the forum posts and ask later if answers not found :wink: Casing cover for one of my electronics project. On the middle is place for 2.2" tft screen. For next i think I will print larger version with 4.3 inch tou
  4. Hi all! Finally got my Ultimaker2 yesterday! It took 8 weeks to get, but it was well worth of waiting! I've been looking for printer more or less for an 1 and half years or so. Latest on the list has been Cube X trio, Makerbot 2X and Ultimaker2 which I discovered recently. I chose Ultimaker2 because of numerous reasons: + Accuracy + Speed + Build volume + Open source (I like to tweak and keep my options open and development on going). + Price + Heated bed + Possibilities to use differend kind of materials. ++ Community was the last, but influenced most on decision! Good
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