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  1. Yes this is still for sale... .. yes i can ship to France.. will need to work out cost..unlesd you can?
  2. Hi, I run a small online printing firm, and use 4 UM1, printing in PLA. Fully upgraded, latest drive, V2 head, and all have heated beds. These have proved very reliable, and I enjoy the quick loading, print speed, and quality. I wish to "speed" things up, and improve quality. as I constantly have a Queue of jobs. ----------------------------------------------------- Is the UM2 worth the upgrade? Will it print faster? better? I normally print at 0.15mm layer height at 70mm/s , 40 perimeters, 200 travel How easy is it to load? Slicing with simplify 3D. I welcome your comments. Cheers Dave
  3. I want to enable an output pin, when print has finished.. I have tried to use the second heater o/p. but cant get this to work. M42 P4 S255; G4 P5; M42 P4 S0; Do i need to do something in the firmware for this to work? I heater 2 enabled by default? If i want to use another available pin, do I need to "define"it, if so where. ----------------------------- Basically once I can get an o/p to do something when finished,, I'm going to link it to an arduino with ethernet sheild... using this I can get an email, when print has finished using "pushing box"... I'm using 10 printers, and this would be an awesome feature. ---------------------------- I would really appreciate some help with this, David
  4. Still looking for a ultimaker original, built, kit or broken.. I won't pay the silly money some people want.
  5. i would try it, but all printers are running for a few hours
  6. Sounds a simple solution, is there any way to automatically pick up the filename and add it to 117? would this work ? found it on sli3r M117 [input_filename_base] ; display printed file on LCD
  7. Hi, I wonder if its possible to get the LCD to display the filename of whats printing instead of "printing". I fully understand how to change the text to anything, but not sure how to pick up the file name? any thoughts David
  8. He wont bargain, I think its too expensive... I haven't got time for a kit ;-) Just got a few big orders on and need a spare ultimaker to "lighten" the load...... will keep looking..
  9. Hi, I'm looking to grow my print farm, and looking for an original ultimaker for sale.. must have v2 head etc,, I have pm many people in this section and had very little response. If the price is right, immediate payment. Thanks David
  10. Would be good, even if we could just upload via Cura.. i.e. save to sd, or upload to printer.
  11. Off topic? I can't get14.03 test2 to slice. It hangs and becomes unresponsive, when it try to slice. Also if I try to rotate a part.I had the same issue with previous test builds to 14.03 I have to force close. Win.8.1 64bit
  12. would be very interested if anyone has done other comparisons. so it looks like 14.03 TEST2 is the one too beat?
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