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  1. The original spool holder does not allow the filament to enter the feeder vertically. Keeping the filament on the floor is better. I believe GR5 just mentioned the same a few minutes ago in another post about UM GO.
  2. Sorry guys, where I live in Brazil , there are no extreme climate conditions. If the printer is built just for the Netherlands conditions, do not sell it overseas. Also, if you review the foruns, one can find several similar complaints from users from Europe. When I bought my printer, it was advertised as a “Plug and use” printer. No one told me that I would have to print new parts, not to use the original spool holder, etc, etc. Maintenance issues are totally different from changing the printer original project.
  3. Ultimaker will have to change a lot of things to get a good and reliable printer. If you decide to buy an Ultimaker 2, be aware that you will have to” baby sit” it all the time and develop several new skills such as changing printer parts ,checking filament dimensions, solving clogging problems, and other issues. You always will get support replies from the forums, but, do not count with a good official company support. My printer is not working for several weeks and I am still looking for a solution. Ultimaker´s support recommended changing the mainboard (600 euros CIF Brazil) but the ad
  4. I measured the power on the PCB using a voltimeter (as swordrill recomended) and got a 23-24 V. I will try to find someone here to check the diagram. thanks for the answer.
  5. When I read posts of people complaining that they just received their printer and after 2-3 days it is “ALREADY” with problems, I can just say that Ultimaker 2 is an “ALWAYS” problem!!! My new one is that I need to know if it is possible to fix a mainboard or any experience of people using mainboards from china. Three weeks ago, I replied an old post (https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/11492-ultimaker-2-main-board ) explaining that “ after solving all the usual problems (clogging, feeder, etc,etc) , my printer (ultimaker 2) was working fine, but suddenly it stopped working and did not
  6. Thanks for the answer. What you are saying is that I might buy a new mainboard as ultimaker´ support people recommended and NOT solve the problem? Any advice on how I can check if it is a power supply problem?
  7. I kindly ask if it is possible to fix a mainboard or to adapt a power button to the china product mentioned in the replies? Last week, after solving all the usual problems (clogging, feeder, etc,etc) , my printer (ultimaker 2) was working fine, but suddenly it stopped working and did not turned on anymore. I opened a ticket in support and learned that, in this case, I must change the mainboard. My warranty is expired and the cost is 295 euros (plus shipping+ 90% income taxes to send to Brazil). I really need to figure out an alternative option to ultimaker support. Thanks for any help
  8. During the first three months I had my printer, I had this problem (underextrusion on different areas of the first layer) very often. I spent several hours leveling the bed, checking the Bowden tube position, cleaning the nozzle, changing filaments, temperatures, filament spoll in the floor, oil drops on the Bowden ,cura settings, etc, etc to finally figure out what was the cause. Try to disassemble the extruder motor and tighten the extruder gear (the one that makes the teethmarks on the filament). I don´t know why, but sometimes it gets slightly loose ( in spite of still be able to move t
  9. Olá Alex, Parabéns pela compra! Eu não diria que a UM2 é a melhor impressora do mercado, mas é uma boa impressora a partir do momento que vc aprende a trabalhar com ela (o que inclui desmonta-la e remonta-la ). No inicio eu tive vários problemas e o fato de não ter representante local, dificultou bastante as coisas. Para você ter uma ideia, eu precisei daquele pequeno clip plástico que segura o tubo bowden e , quando a Ultimaker enviou, a DHL queria me cobrar quase R$100 de impostos. No final a Ultimaker assumiu esse custo também. Houve uma ocasião que eu queria mandar a maquina de volta par
  10. You have to check the filament specifications and, even better is to measure it. For instance: formafutura has filaments with 2.85mm specifications (such as ultimakers) but also has with 2.95 mm. After several trials I learned that the 2.95mm also works but, It is critical that you change the filament diameter settings at the printer in order to success.
  11. Ola Glauco, Meu pedido demorou 9 semanas para ser despachado pela Ultimaker. Nao sei qual a previsao atual. A partir do momento que o pedido foi enviado, vc pode utilizar esse mesmo numero (do pedido inicial na Ultimaker)no site da DHL da holanda. A partir dai vc consegue o numero de rastramento e acompanhar pelo site DHL.com.br. Quando a mercadoria passar na alfandega, ela vai ficar retida devido aos impostos. Entre em contato com a DHL e eles vao enviar o boleto e informar como fazer o pagamento. Eu fiz via cartao de credito porque ai eles entregam mais rapido. Entre a coleta do pacote
  12. thanks for the answers. the new filament was not capable to push the lump all the way until the nozzle, and started damaging the filament at the feeder. One time, when I opened the nozzle side, I could see the hair and the filament coming out from the tube, but only after I retracted the filament all the way to the middle of the tube, I could pull the hair out. I totally agree with dgsharp that the bowden tube must be the right place.. Now, I always pay attention to the tube and will try different ideas to minimize the problem.
  13. I posted some pictures and a little movie at the gallery. this is the kind of problem I mentioned. http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/gallery/album/550-problem/%C2%A0
  14. up to this time, no shrinkage at all. No more problems please! I have just started to change my disappointment
  15. Ola Oswaldo, benvindo ao forum. Conte comigo no que eu puder ajudar , apesar de eu estar iniciando nesse mundo 3d.. . grande abraço, Mario
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