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  1. update (for future reference of anyone looking into this)-- i went ahead and ordered an ultimaker 1 kit directly from ultimaker last thursday night (2013-12-05) and it arrived last night (2013-12-09). the total cost was $1,664.52 (from my credit card statement; this includes shipping by DHL and currency exchange, which is offered as a free service by my credit card). no import tariffs were imposed, and california state sales tax was not assessed. this compares to $1699.99 from makershed, which is *before* shipping or CA state sales tax (i think it was like ~1850 when i priced it the other day). also worth mentioning: i have been very pleased with the responsiveness of ultimaker customer service, who have promptly answered my question about shipping, etc. All this is for an ultimaker 1 kit, obviously the situation may be different for an assembled UM1 or UM2. and of course prices may change, your may have different luck with customs, etc, so YMMV. but so far, my experience ordering from Ultimaker to california has been good. now i just have to finish building it... :-)
  2. Yeah, the shipping is much cheaper, but California sales tax adds 8.5%, and the base price is much higher (since makershed obviously needs to have some profit margin which i do not fault). Basically, as long as the tariffs/duties/fees are less than about 10%, it looks like it will cheaper to order from Ultimaker directly. But I've never ordered such an expensive peice of kit from overseas, so I have no idea what to expect... and if CA sales tax ends up getting added somehow too, then it's definitely a losing proposition...
  3. Thanks to you all for the replies! Please keep them coming! Hopefully we can collect a little info here for future potential buyers of the Ultimaker to reference. @jdaiglejr: it looks like makershed is actually likely to be *more* costly than ordering from Europe. But that really depends on how much the import fees are... so far in our tiny sample, 1 of 4 UM 1 kits seems to have been hit with import fees, but no one has yet had a number for how much that has been. Does anyone else have an experience they'd be willing to share?
  4. Thanks for your replies! Looks like you had pretty different experiences. I was just in Europe, and never got hit with currency exchange fees when using my credit card, so I'm mostly worried about import taxes and fees. And I emailed customer service-- they said that Ultimaker 1 kits should arrive by Christmas if I place the order soon. The only thing I'm waiting on is a few data points about import duties. Any Californians out there?
  5. I live in California and I'm thinking about ordering an Ultimaker direct from the company, but I can't seem to find any info on how much the import fees and duties will be in the U.S. I wonder if anyone from the U.S. has ordered an Ultimaker from Europe. The cost for the kit plus shipping is about $1670 (usd) before duties etc, which is already at the top end of my price range, so I need to get a sense of the total before I can go ahead with a purchase. (For comparison, the kit+shipping+sales tax is almost $1900 at makershed, the only other supplier I cound find; this would be more than I have budgeted.) So: any Americans (and especially Californians) with insight about this? Please reply on thread or PM me to share your experiences around extra import costs. Also, if the cost is not too great, I'm hoping to order in the next two days to ensure delivery by Christmas... so if anyone who has done this can reply quickly, I'd be most appreciative :-) Many thanks!
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