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  1. update (for future reference of anyone looking into this)-- i went ahead and ordered an ultimaker 1 kit directly from ultimaker last thursday night (2013-12-05) and it arrived last night (2013-12-09). the total cost was $1,664.52 (from my credit card statement; this includes shipping by DHL and currency exchange, which is offered as a free service by my credit card). no import tariffs were imposed, and california state sales tax was not assessed. this compares to $1699.99 from makershed, which is *before* shipping or CA state sales tax (i think it was like ~1850 when i priced it the other d
  2. Yeah, the shipping is much cheaper, but California sales tax adds 8.5%, and the base price is much higher (since makershed obviously needs to have some profit margin which i do not fault). Basically, as long as the tariffs/duties/fees are less than about 10%, it looks like it will cheaper to order from Ultimaker directly. But I've never ordered such an expensive peice of kit from overseas, so I have no idea what to expect... and if CA sales tax ends up getting added somehow too, then it's definitely a losing proposition...
  3. Thanks to you all for the replies! Please keep them coming! Hopefully we can collect a little info here for future potential buyers of the Ultimaker to reference. @jdaiglejr: it looks like makershed is actually likely to be *more* costly than ordering from Europe. But that really depends on how much the import fees are... so far in our tiny sample, 1 of 4 UM 1 kits seems to have been hit with import fees, but no one has yet had a number for how much that has been. Does anyone else have an experience they'd be willing to share?
  4. Thanks for your replies! Looks like you had pretty different experiences. I was just in Europe, and never got hit with currency exchange fees when using my credit card, so I'm mostly worried about import taxes and fees. And I emailed customer service-- they said that Ultimaker 1 kits should arrive by Christmas if I place the order soon. The only thing I'm waiting on is a few data points about import duties. Any Californians out there?
  5. I live in California and I'm thinking about ordering an Ultimaker direct from the company, but I can't seem to find any info on how much the import fees and duties will be in the U.S. I wonder if anyone from the U.S. has ordered an Ultimaker from Europe. The cost for the kit plus shipping is about $1670 (usd) before duties etc, which is already at the top end of my price range, so I need to get a sense of the total before I can go ahead with a purchase. (For comparison, the kit+shipping+sales tax is almost $1900 at makershed, the only other supplier I cound find; this would be more than I hav
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