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  1. Anyone used this software? Any good?
  2. How much do external temperatures affect an Ultimaker 2 print? If I place an Ultimaker 2 in my garage for example, where it can get rather cold during the winter months, considering the bed etc is heated, would it affect prints?
  3. Yup, seems it. Disappointing. :(
  4. When is the event sceduled for today?
  5. Any rumours on whats expected later this month??
  6. I don't like the way I have to be online to use Fusion though, although it looks like a good package, I will only ever use it at home and don't want all the cloud features.....
  7. Anyone use 123D Design??? Im new to 3D modelling and am tempted with the above??
  8. As in the title, along with the obvious Cura, which 3D modelling program do you use??
  9. No I was just looking at the Ultimaker 2, to be honest. I may just wait to see whats coming - it may well be that the Ultimaker 2 still turns out to be more practical for me, or better still, a price drop??!! (I can only hope! lol)
  10. Interesting..... I was planning on buying my first 3D printer, an Ultimaker 2, very soon - looks like I should hold fire for a couple of week sin that case!
  11. Considering the Ultimaker2 has been around for a while, and although its still at the top end of 3d Printers, what do you see on the horizon?? Dual extrusion?? Redesign?? Any rumours on whats coming?
  12. Where abouts are you based and how much are you looking for? Cheers.
  13. Will be interesting to see how MakerBot now develop. I'll be in the market for a 3D printer nearer to the summer so will see what the situation is at the time - if Markerbot release a new version with a heated chamber for better ABS prints, I'll be sold Im afraid.
  14. I understand a heated build chamber is really required when printing ABS - especially for larger builds? Considering the patent for a heated build chamber is held by Stratasys, meaning no other company is able to implement this on their design (not to place on sale anyway) it means Ultimaker are unable to implement a heated build chamber. However, now that Stratasys has taken over MakerBot, we are certainly looking at a new Replicator design somewhere down the line with a heated build chamber - perfect for ABS prints. Does this now give Makerbot a huge advantage? I mean, Makerbot now has ac
  15. Has anyone had a seamless experience with the Ultimaker 2?? I understand this is a forum where people come for advice on issues etc, but I'm just wondering if this really is a printer where one can get straight into printing etc with minimal fuss?? Which settings should one choose most of the time for the best quality ABS prints - low speed with high temp??
  16. Will this ever be an option?? A dual nozzle Ultimakor 2, with one larger then the other. The smaller nozzle to be used for printing the skin of the object, with th elarger nozzle for infill. Would make for much quicker prints etc?
  17. What happens if you run out of plastic mid print?? Do you have so start over, or can you feed more through for it to continue??
  18. Just been looking at the Matterform - looks interesting (and at a decent price point!)
  19. The Arctec Eva looks awesome, but its price doesn't!!! lol
  20. I think you can also use the Kinect sensor from the Xbox, although resolution isn't so great.
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