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  1. Is there a 3D scanner in the works for the Ultimaker, or is the. Makerbot Digitizer the only 3D Desk Scanner available at the moment?
  2. Ah, so in a hot car for example, it wouldn't actually melt or deform, but would become slightly softer and deform if you pinched it etc?
  3. So at what approximate temperatures would PLA start to deform, or sag etc, in comparison to ABS?? Thank you.
  4. Thank you very much guys - nice, quick, informative replies! Learning something new all the time!! Will look into some 3D modelling applications and have a play!
  5. So I wouldn't be able to import a STL file into a CAD application and make changes or develop it further?? I understand you can delete and move separate parts around, but what if I wanted to add an extra arm of something, for example?
  6. If PLA gives finer detail, are the surfaces not completely smooth also? Also is there anything that can be applied to give that shiny plashed finish??
  7. Thank you. Ive since worked out a new spot, alongside my router and standard printer Glad I came here - learnt so much already and I would have completely overlooked this! Thanks guys!
  8. Sorry, I did search but didnt find any topic on this.... Whats the difference between them and why would you opt to use one over the other?? Thanking you in advance.
  9. Im based in the UK - will update my profile - apologies! Although I do keep my garage relatively clean, during the winter months it can get very cold outside, and considering my garage is not heated the temp can drop! I think in that case it would be best to keep my printer indoors What this cleaning agent for the filament, and should one use it on a regular basis just to keep the nozzle in good shape?? Is it advisable to remove the filament and store it in sealed bags, or a sealed container, if the printer isn't to be used for long periods then? Although the OP is talking about being awa
  10. So if I stuck with PLA for example, it would minimise the risks of clogging?? Good idea with the dual extruder using one type of plastic in each though - never thought of that!!
  11. Sorry, what I meant as the final step was that Cura is the last thing you use before printing - printing via SD Card suits me better then direct printing anyway, means I don't have to leave my laptop on for hours while it prints! So the general workflow is: 3D Editor -> Cura -> SD Card -> UM2. I've been checking out those sites, and the content looks amazing! I have a few ideas of stuff I want to print though, so want to learn how to model in 3D as I go along. Am I able to take a model from one of the above sites, and then do further work to it, or are they locked for editing
  12. ifti

    Hi from UK!!

    lol - I came across Ultimaker during one of those YouTube browsing sessions where you browse for one thing and suddenly end up a while later at something completely different! lol Nevertheless, since then Ive been hooked on the idea! I found this forum by searching for 'Ultimaker Forum' in Google - I think this was the top result I'm waiting to see what the dual extrusion in the Ultimaker 2 is like before I decide on an actual unit. Until then I'm just casually gaining knowledge by reading around and watching videos etc (not many on YouTube surprisingly) and tutorials. I'm also looking int
  13. Thank you for your response. So Cura is basically the interface for the actual printer? I assume in that case you have to use Cura as the final step, regardless of which 3D editing program you use to create the actual design - Cura takes that design and places it into a format that the printer then works from?
  14. Are there any beginner tutorials on using Cura - or is it best to just install and play with it!
  15. Hi Danny - considering you have had first hand experience with the Ultimaker and the Replicator, which would you suggest to a new user?? (honestly please! lol) Thank you.
  16. Is there anything that needs to be done with PLA?? Does it need storing in a particular way/temperature range? Was looking to keep my printer in my garage, where it does get rather cold during the winter months!! Will this affect anything?? Sorry for hijacking the thread - although it may be related to the OP also.....
  17. Im completely new to the world of 3D printing, and have yet to purchase my Ultimakor 2. However, whats involved in terms of maintenance?? 1. Is a lot of maintenance required?? 2. How often is it needed?? 3. If I change the colour of the plastic, do I need to clean out the nozzle or just let it push through the new colour? 4. What other maintenance is needed?? 5. Im not too good with DIY tools, and Ive read concerns on the nozzle 'breaking' and needing filing etc on the original Ultimakor. Is this a widespread issue on Ultimakors or is the 2nd generation nozzle more robust?? 6. Are there
  18. Hello all - my name is Ifti and Im from the Uk - just outside of London. I currently have a YouTube channel that seems to be doing quite well (I won't post the link here as Im not quite familiar with the forum rules just yet etc), and I want to start creating bits and pieces in 3D as Ive always been a bit of a 'gadget guy' at heart and love creating things. Ive been checking out the Replicator 2X and the Ultimator2, and feel the Ultimator is the more superior of the two machines. Im completely new to 3D printing, and my main fear at the moment is the actual software side. Im not sure on 3D
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