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  1. Thanks illuminarti. The unit is pretty heavy towards the rear, so maybe it won't matter. I'd like to hear from UM2 support as to whether this is adjustable or not, since it looks like the front right needs to come up and not shim the front left. I'll do that for now though. You've been a big help. I was having a hard time finding who appeared to be a reliable filament source in the USA, until I came across the resources page on your blog. I ended up ordering a few additional spools from ProtoParadigm based simply on the fact you had them listed. So, thanks for your indirect help as well
  2. My UM2 was delivered today from Makershed. I've carefully unpacked everything, but right away I noticed that the front, left, bottom corner of my unit is 2.25mm off of the table. The unit is heavy, so it sits to the rear; however, I can slide the entire UM2 manual, less only the front cover, underneath the front left side to keep it from rocking (pushing gently down on the top left corner will allow a major rocking motion. I searched and couldn't find this issue. I haven't removed the nylon ties or finished the setup yet, but I want to! I took a torpedo level and checked everything over.
  3. Thanks for the tips. I'm surprised these don't ship in a large polybag to keep them free from the corrugated debris. You're correct about Makershed. I ordered after lunch (EST) on Friday with ground shipping to NW Pennsylvania. My UM2 is scheduled to deliver to my work any minute now. I'm looking forward to it! I had called Makershed in the morning and they had 30 units in stock. Mine was the 5th unit to sell that day by the early afternoon EST. I can't recall, but did I read somewhere that people use some sort of sewing oil on the shafts for lubrication? These do not ship with oil, i
  4. Also, you mentioned saving 150USD. Are there some hidden duties / fees that I'll be charged that I'm unaware of? I ask because I thought I'd be within 20USD with opting for overnight delivery.
  5. Did you have to pay an extra charge to your credit card or paypal for an international transaction? Mine was $80. Are you going to lose that, possibly both ways, by cancelling and receiving a refund? I'd like to cancel mine and order from Makershed via overnight, but I'm afraid of getting either both or neither! I called Makershed around 12:30pm EST, and they had 30 in stock. It sounds like they are going fast! Thanks!
  6. Thank you gr5. Your post was very helpful. I did indeed PM Sander directly, and I hope to hear back tomorrow, as my emails via my long-standing ticket are not receiving a response. Also, I called Makershed and spoke to them directly around 12:30PM EST. They confirmed they have 30 units in stock at their location and they are ready to ship (inventory is domestic to USA; they are not shipping from overseas). They said UM2 will ship within 1 to 2 days from placement of order, and, of course, they are not sure how quickly the 30 units will last. This must be a very new development, as the pe
  7. This changed sometime this morning. I just checked again and now shows: • Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days Shipping across country to NW Pennsylvania: • Ground (Home Delivery) $29.32 • 3-Day $50.97 • 2-Day $92.03 • Overnight $103.14
  8. I just checked Makershed's site, and it says, "Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Days." I've been anxiously awaiting response to numerous inquiries for a shipment update for my order placed on 29-Oct. I live in Pennsylvania, and will be a little disappointed, to say the least, if a domestic retailer is able to ship yet this week with an overnight delivery option for about the cost of my "foreign transaction fee" (100USD vs. 80USD) while I'm still left to wonder where my order even stands. If I was able to get a refund - in full, and place an order at Makershed, then I'd be all for that.
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