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  1. Thank you! It turns out that the pulley connected to the left stepper motor was loose, so once I had fixed that it worked again .
  2. I have had my Ultimaker 2 for about 6 months, and it suddenly stopped working properly a while back. When I try to print the models that came with the SD card, they turn out really bad (see attached photos). Any idea on what's causing this? I've tried resetting to factory settings and installing the latest firmware. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi Daid, the error message doesn't show up anymore, do you still think it's a problem? I have contacted support about it btw, but I haven't received any reply yet. Yeah, I know that the two screws at the top keep the connector in place, but I removed them to get easier access to the wires.
  4. OK, I took the bed apart and checked the wires with a multimeter. They seemed fine, so I put the printer back together again and now... it works! Seems completely random, but at least I can print stuff again so I'm happy . Thanks for all the help! For further reference, these are the five screws that you need to remove in order to take apart the heated bed: edit by gr5: There is a mistake in this picture - instead remove the 2 screws on the black cable hold down slightly above the 2 screws circled together. The other 3 screws (leveling screws) is absolutely correct.
  5. I tried unplugging the power supply and waiting for the blue led to turn off, and after that the printer seemed to work again until I tried printing. Then I got the same error message again. I've checked the wires and I didn't find anything wrong, so I tried a factory reset. Now I get the error message a short while after turning the printer on. See video on youtube:
  6. Thanks gr5! I'm going to have another look at it today, I'll let you know if I manage to fix it.
  7. Hi, I got my Ultimaker 2 today and it worked fine until I accidentally unplugged the power cord while it was printing (stupid, I know). Now when I turn on the printer I just get an error message that says "ERROR – STOPPED temp sensor BED". I can't dismiss the error message so I don't have access to the menu. How do I troubleshoot this? I don't even know how to open up the printer since I can't find any instructions for it. Please help! - Amanda
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