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  1. Good news! Back in business. Very straightforward to fix a surprising failure. Looked much worse than it was. Used pliars and a needle-nose tweezers. I think I know what happened. The print that failed had support inadvertently turned off. The print must have broken off and blocked the nozzle, forcing the plastic back up into the chamber with the heated block. I re-did the gcode file and re-ran the print, and it succeeded. Thank you very much for the pointer to the correctly defined problem. I was pretty sure something had broken above the nozzle, but it did not.
  2. Will try tonight. Has been working for nearly 3 years with relatively little trouble! The only serious failure was in the filament pusher, when the knurled bolt wandered off plane.
  3. Check your LED strip lights for adhesion failure. Mine came off and fell into the gearing. I caught it in time, but noticed that the other side was failing as well. I tied the light strip to the case with some string, but a better solution will need to be engineered eventually.
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