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  1. Here is the set up tests so far. The "almost" 10mm ( a few underextrudes at the end ) was made moving the temp up to 240. I also found that due to the old filament crush by the feeder that eat marks would cause a jam/underedrude on prints with more action/retraction. Here is my test series... the grey and white PLA are much closer to ~<3mm and jam more. The factory blue ultimaker is closer to 2.87 This little bit, cause a large friction increase. Does the boden system need to be so tight in tolerance? I would think that the hot end should be the only resistance end with the hot funnel.
  2. What does your PLA look like once it has cleared past the feeder knurled knob? I found PLA that PLA by some manufactures would cause to much drag, especially with the knurled knob imprints. I went in and cut a few mm off of the feeder pressure tension bar so it would have some play to allow the screw to operate. I now get much further up the extruder test print but I have to raise the temp to 240 to get past 9
  3. I have had ongoing challenges with under extrusion with my UM2 since I have received it. The extrusion test is great and I am finally able to have a test benchmark to help make tweeks. It appeared that the extruder gear was crushing the PLA with the knurled nut and after taking boden, extruder, and feeding system apart, it appeared that this causes far to much friction. I ended up modifying the feeder because it would not get loose enough even with the set screw all the way loose. I cut the plastic top down 2mm so It would be less pressure against the PLA and not dimple it as much. This helped my get above 4mm 3s on blue PLA and had reduced the crushing of the blue PLA. The grey and clear PLA is a little thicker and the drag makes it unusable even in just the hot end. I may take another 1 mm off the feeding plunger to give me some more adjustable room.
  4. I also have a very similar problem and have had ongoing underexrusion. I have pulled apart the entire feed assembly 3 times now and cleaned to see if I can get it to work. I am attaching a example photo using illuminarti's test gcode at 230
  5. I received my Ulitmaker 2 from Makershed overnight ( I had a October order in with UM but was able to get it faster Makershed's first order ). It has the latest firmware and printed a great robot out of the box with only a very little sag on the overhang. Playing with retraction settings and temperatures today.
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