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  1. Hi! I have a UMO that is 5 years old by now. After not having used it for a while, I started it again today. It behaves as usual for a while, maybe a layer or two, then it start behaving extremely weird. The steppers motors randomly stop for a fraction of a second before starting again, creating huge offsets in the print. When I stop the print, I can hear the stepper motors making "knocking" sounds as if that stopping behaviour is still active. Please have a look at videos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uchybg5w90g0x28/AAC-gMREDlmU-HKnsFPo_9DMa?dl=0 Why is this happening? Thanks for your help!
  2. Haha, funny that you replied Daniel - we were at 3DVerkstan a couple of days ago and got this sample of transparent green from you. It's a small 3d world. Thanks, we'll call you. But it makes sense if its PLA/PHA and not XT, the temperature we set is way too high, isn't it? We have successfully printed with blue pla and Laybrick, so it would be weird if its warped.. but we'll try to level the bed again. First layer height was 0.3 mm.
  3. Hi! Me and my buddy have had our ultimaker working for a week now, and it's really hard to quit printing with it because there are tons of things we want to do with it! The problem we have now is with the green transparent xt filament we are testing. It starts out fine, then it shoots out too much material on the surface which seems to "crack". We are printing straight on non-heated glass. The general settings we have are: speed=50 temp=234 layer height=0.1 See pic here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u315au57mdr80vo/bild.JPG Why is this? We have tried to level the bed properly, but this thing happened 3 times in a row. thanks!
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