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  1. I would first check the bed is leveled correctly,


    you need to provide more info, what is your printer, nozzle size, temperatures, does it stick in some parts to the bed but not for the whole model ???


    A picture could help a lot with diagnosis too



  2. you need to pay attention to the nozzle tip in particular, I bought from Solex 3D a range of ruby tipped nozzles ( I have an UM2 ++) that work well for abrasive materiel, that would include metals (like bronze fill) and even woodfil, you need to increase the feed rate and temperature  and maybe reduce retraction - that is to say keep the flow moving or the nozzle can get blocked


    good luck

  3. Question for you - where are you located in the world I bought  (very long lead time) from China a big quantity of grub screws if you are in Europe I could maybe post some to you ?

     to get you running if its urgent ???

  4. If the belt is rubbing on the wires then they need to be pushed back out of the way, but the rubbing would surely effect all of the print. Its very simple to remove the limit switch (just two screws on the side) and push the wires back


    looking at the print it would seem to me to be a problem that starts at a height as the first third of the big print looks OK


    my first thought to solve the print problem would be to check all of the rods are correctly lubricated, then check none of the rods are loose and can move side to side or back to front


    good luck

  5. It would be worth taking the Bowden tube off and trying with a piece of filament if the tube feels rough.

    In the five years I have had my UM2 I have changed the tube at least once, some times in a desperate attempt to solve an extrusion problem. You have changed all of the other elements in the materiel feed chain


    good luck

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