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  1. Hi Sander mine is a UM2, just updated profile too. One other change I made when installing the replacement filament feeder is that I moved the gear on the stepper motor slightly closer to the motor (maybe 3mm) it could be that this was also a factor in my improvements. The first time I tried to use flexible I did adjust the tension up high but ended up with a blockage of filament inside the extruder feeder. so slacked off back to normal and all works perfectly. EDIT: Just tried this morning with some flexible and now remember the temp is actually 225ºC, anything less and the extrusion is 'bloby'
  2. I have just used Flexible PLA (from Ultimaker) without oil and at 210ºC[edit gr: 225C see below], print speed 50mm/s and normal tension on the feeder. The only thing that is a bit different is the feeder I am using is one that Daid uploaded recently, it was the last model before the mass production one I think. I find it to be much more rigid. Everything prints well using it even bronze fill from ColorFabb with standard tension too !
  3. Hi Sanderv five votes from me - good luck and also thanks for all your help and support Sanderv - I have one truly outstanding machine now !!! Stu
  4. To complete my story, my order from Ultimaker arrived today, so one day longer than my order from the other side of the world, and four times the price !!! I am so impressed with the performance of the bowden tube and also the replacement teflon print head spacer (also from the same site in China) - I have no plans to change them yet with the Ultimaker parts - my machine is performing better than ever
  5. I have recently ordered parts from both Ultimaker and a site on AliExpress (which is in China) on the same day 24 July, prices for a bowden tube:- from Ultimaker €15,00 + VAT 21.0% + €6,53 + Shipping Order Total €37,62 from AliExpress (it only comes with one clamp and collet) € 8,58 with free delivery ! Well the bowden tube arrived from China today and is currently installed and printing VERY well, unfortunately the same thing from Ultimaker has yet to arrive So much for DHL. I do know where it is (in Toulouse) thanks to the tracking of DHL- but it is not here ! To be totally fare, I started the process of ordering parts from Ultimaker on the same day as I ordered from AliExpress but Ultimaker takes so long to process an order it feels like its all done manually !
  6. I am very pleased to announce I have just joined the 10mm3/s club - al last !! (only a tiny bit of under extrusion at 10mm3/s - but I am still happy) after reading many threads on this forum I got the confidence to disassemble the print head and clean inside, and fix a small deformation in the top of the Teflon spacer So big thanks to all people who helped and didn't even know you were helping me Stu
  7. I also have asked for a new coupler (plus replacement bowden tube) but as is usually the case my three months warranty has just expired !!!!
  8. I have been following this thread for some time and realise my problems are because of deformation in the teflon coupler. I have done some printing with ColorFab XT and now realise that problems started after than, I plan to disassemble the head later today. I have been in contact also with support to buy replacement parts, bowden tube ,coupler and print head. Daid I assume that any new shipments of parts will be with the new teflon coupler ? Stu
  9. In my case I studied engineering drawing at school so thought I would easily understand CAD, I have worked with computers all of my life, but school was so long ago that I really had to learn CAD from scratch. I find it very gratifying to visualise something on the screen and then print it and have it in your hands a few hours later. EDIT - just uploaded the first pool skimmer design, no photo of the real thing because its in the pool !!https://www.youmagine.com/designs/swiming-pool-skimmer
  10. Hi Sander I have designed many different things- several different swimming pool skimmers, replacement cooker gas knobs and a clip to attach an umbrella to a child's push chair. Each improves my CAD knowledge, very glad I stuck with the printer and am now very pleased with the results too Stu
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