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  1. I agree, it changes the UM2 to be just press print and walk away (well after the first layer) glad I bought it and not the much more expensive UM upgrade It just works !!! S
  2. @bob-hepple I was also a bit puzzled but now it just works so I am happy anyway Interestingly the new feeder will pull through end of reel filament that I had decided to throw away as the old feeder could not handle it, the increased torque is what it all about
  3. The Gcode is one file which you sort of tell the printer to print - it just changes the filament print rate and thats it, you just execute once and it writes the new parameter into the firmware of the UM2 the two lines are below:- M92 E492.45 M500 you can just copy them to a file and give it a GCODE file type - job done
  4. @bob-hepple I would not worry, its not a dificult job to install - the results are simply incredible, I am using standard firmware with a simple two line paramater update GCODE file I got from Martin It just works !!!
  5. I had a simlar problem which I concluded was caused by the filament 'remembering' it had been tightly wound on the reel - so only a problem for the last quarter of the reel, I proved this to myself by winding the fiament onto a larger diameter container and heating it in water near to boiling point. The fialment 'remembered' a larger diameter size and printed fine afterwards. I have just last weekend installed the BondTech QR feeder system and its just amazing I can now print at much faster speeds with any nozzle size I like. The print quality is incredible, I have got upto 100mm/s speeds, it also works very well with flexible filament
  6. I have just installed the complete Bondtech QR and can confirm several things it really does a great job, it allows very fast printing (more than 100mm/s), high quality prints even at those speeds ! The gears are really well made, if I had the time (and more design skils) I would have gone the DIY route but it is an option I very much would reccomend
  7. Me too, I only started to get problems when trying to use a 0.8 nozzle and very high flow rates, so then I ordered the heater upgrade
  8. sad you have had so much trouble, my Olsson block upgrade (more than six months ago now) worked like a treat, and the different nozzle sizes work well. The more powerful heater is really great - it just works and is much faster to heat up good luck
  9. is the motor turning ? you should be able to see this from the back of the feeder or is there just no filament coming out of the print head ? welcome to the forum, I would encourage you to update your personal info to include your printer model this will help with any answers, otherwise I guess people will just assume you have an Ultimaker
  10. I have just received my Bondtttech extruder, I am half way through instalation, should finnish at the weekend -- can't wait
  11. In my opinion the Y axis stepper motor is suspect, you could try swapping the X and Y motors to prove this but thats a lot of work. I would reccomend you open a support ticket with Ultimaker good luck S
  12. I think the left to right limit switch is ok, but I wonder if the front to back microswitch is defective it may be worth checking that the cable to it has not been pinched behind one of the steppers, or maybe you could test the switch's function with a multi meter
  13. just a thought, you may try increasing the materiel flow rate by 20-25% too
  14. The whole printer seems to be making rough noises, its not clear how old the machine is, I would check the print head moves freely and maybe lubricate all of the metal rods. You could try "home head" from the maintenance section from front panel, the printer homes to the left first then to the back If the problem is a micro switch it looks like the one at the back (x axis) where you can see two screws back left, you should be able to hear it working or not by moving the head to the home position. The black block that the print head rod clips into at the back makes contact with the micro switch. no idea where you are located but you may be able to source a replacement switch locally, which could be quicker than getting a warranty replacement. Its not to difficult to replace, I just re soldered a replacement and up and running
  15. starting to look like contamination on the Z screw, sugest try cleaning with a tissue while moving the print bed up/down - look for dirt on the tissue after
  16. its always important to get a good first layer down I often choose 30-35mm/s depends on many other factors though
  17. its really hard to describe sounds in words - so here I go the z axis is like a "bzzurt" sound and of course will be at the same point as each new layer is started. The other sound which would be from the extruder feeder is more like a "tock" sound, this would indicate a potential problem with the filament getting to the print head. You do not seem to have any under extrusion issue here though so it looks OK
  18. looks like possibly a print bed height issue - try re leveling the bed, also try slower for the first layer
  19. you can also alter the speed of the fans from the front panel of the printer during a print run
  20. I would also sugest checking the two side fans on the print head, they should com on a few layers into the print. I had a problem like this from the start when my printer was new (two years ago !), the real problem when you are new to this game is that you do not know what the printer should normally do, it took me ages to understand that the fans were my problem and by the way - welcome to the forum
  21. Jobs did come back to Apple (after he left or was pushed out) and make it what it is today, wonder what Bre's plans are for the future
  22. congratulations @ffreak I can still remember how frightened I was at the begining to take things apart, the new heater is a great improvement good luck
  23. this will be of interest Ultimaker-2-Comparison-sheet.pdf I should acknowledge this is the work of Didier Klein http://www.ideato3d.be
  24. from what I have seen the new machine comes with four nozzles 0.25, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8mm the Stainless nozzle from 3DSolex is 0.5 mm
  25. I do hope you think throught the upgrade option as I already have an upgraded heater and Olsson block but I am very interesed in the new geared feeder and maybe the fan shroud toocongratulations on a good evolutionary step
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