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  1. Thank you for the info! Exactly what I was looking for
  2. Hi all, I want to change the orignial Ultimaker2 hotend to a 3dSolex matchless race hotend. Unfortunatelly the diameter from the PT100 installed on my machine is to big to fit into the heating block. The customer service of 3dsolex confirmed this. Can you tell me the nominal diameter of the Ultimaker 2 PT100s. The Ultimaker was ordered in Dez. 2013 and shipped in early 2014. So I think it´s from one of the first production lots. Greetings Lean
  3. Hi to the community, I bought my Ulitmaker2 2 year ago but (at least I think so) but wasn´t able to spend much time with the machine due to work related lack of time.... So I´m sitting here on a "brand new" UM2 which has still some flaws of a first gen. machine. Most severe issues is the under extrusion due to the not ideal design of the original feeder + filament holder design (at least I think. I hear this typical "klack,klack,klack" sound of the feeder skipping steps and i only can print PLA with 30mm/s with good results ). I do remember that |Robert| and geek started their feeder desi
  4. Thanks for the quick respond. I will try to fix it at the weekend. Unfortunatelly i won´t have time until Sunday.
  5. I already tried the "move material" command. didn´t help. It seems to be stuck in the hot-end. Maybe i have to dissasemble it. Is there a instruction manual how to assemble and dissaselmble the UM2?
  6. Hello everybody. yesterday during a 2h print session i got a severe malfunction while printing PLA. I used the following settings during print: Speed: 50 mm/s layer hight: .1mm hot end temperature: 190°C bed temperature: 65°C After about 2h the extrusion of material suddently stopped. Since i was listening to music i can´t tell you whether there was the typical "klack,klacK" feeder sound before. When i realized it, i tried to clean out the nozzle by increasing the hot end temperture. Unfortunatelly i couldn´t get any filament out of t
  7. Für PLA verwende ich auch keinen kleber mehr. Zum reinigen der Glasplatte kann ich einen Ceranfeldschaber (oder eine Rasierklinge) sehr empfehlen. Hilft auf alle fälle gegen die Kleberrückstände. zum Abwaschen verwende ich auch Spiritus/Ethanol je nach dem was zur hand ist.
  8. Hm, thank you for the update. My first suggestion is already on your list. Putting the filament reel on the floor should defnitly lower the friction force. I will give it a try.
  9. Hi Jan, and Hi to all the others participating in this thread. First of all i want to say "Great work and thanks for the help". Just got my Ultimaker and after ~10h of printing i´m already having the trouble with underextrusion you are mentioning in your start post. After reading this thread i took a closer look at the extuder and the problem was identified. Maybe i can contribute in solving this issue. But first i want to know if i´ve understood the problem right: There are the following issues with the U2 Extruder: - Filament is not going straight into the extruder -> heavy fric
  10. Hello everyone! After some issues at the beginning (broken wires, loose connecotors) I just got my Ultimaker 2 to work this week. Since it´s my first 3d printer i consider myself as an absolute beginner in this topic. Nevertheless i´m quite impressed what you can do just by pressing the "Print" button. So I just want to say Hello to the community!
  11. Hm. Thanks for the answers. Not quite what i hoped to hear *g*. I´ve tried FreeCAD some time ago but i found it to be very slow. I think i will try Design Spark. Thank you.
  12. Hello everyone. I recived my ultimaker 2 this week and now i want to start to print some of my own ideas. Due to my job, i´m an advanced user of Siemens (former Unigeaphics) NX CAD program suite. Does anyone here now a freeware CAD tool that comes close to the "touch and feel" of this programm? I don´t need every tiny feature that a commercial CAD tool offers, but a good sketching tool would be very nice. I would appreciate any suggestions you can give me. Greeting, lean
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