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  1. Every time the head on my Ultimaker 2 returns to the home position in the back corner, it grinds as the belts stutter to try and push it farther. This has occurred ever since I received my Ultimaker 2. From reading threads of others with this problem, I thought it may be that the end stops that trigger the head to stop may be malfunctioning. After examining my Ultimaker 2, I found that the metal switch on the end stop in the x direction is not even there. I have included a picture to show this. Can I send away for this part from Ultimaker since it was never included in the printer I received? How would I do this? Is it easy to install it myself? Thanks
  2. Hi, I live in the U.S. and would like to purchase an Ultimaker 2, but have a few questions and concerns first. 1. Will the lead time for the printer arriving really be 6-8weeks if I order from Ultimaker? 2. Is there any distributor (affiliated or not afflilated with Ultimaker) in the U.S. that I could buy from or order parts in the future from? 3. If my printer breaks, it it feasible to get parts locally and fix it myself, or must I ship the printer back to Europe to be repaired? I'd really like to buy an Ultimaker 2, I'm just a little worried that if it breaks, I won't be able to fix it and there will be no repair shop in the country to help me. Some background: I am an engineering student and have had some experience with fixing mechanical and electrical things, but never 3D printers. Thanks so much!
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