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  1. Another thing I forgot to write was, that if I remove the bovden tube and push a short piece of filament through the extrudor, everything works fine. If I made a cold pull, everything was clean inside, because I could see light through the nozzle hole, so assuming something gets clogged there isn't the case. I have a feeling that something gets stuck at the point where the bovden tube connects to the small white connector which goes to the teflon part. Then again, like I said, the printer worked for a couple of minutes and extrusion slowly stopped, so I am left without ideas what t
  2. Hey everyone, eventhough this is not a new topic, I keep having trouble with filament grinding on my Ultimaker Original. I've had this printer since 2014 and this is the first real headache I've had with printing. The problem occured a while back when I noticed that longer prints weren't as good anymore as before (layers falling apart with prints having obvious marks of underextrusion) until at some point there was nothing coming out of the extrudor. I noticed there was no tension on the filament and when disassembling the feeder I noticed those typical "bite" marks caused due to c
  3. When the bed is moving to it's place on the Z axis before the print, it sounds like it pauses one or twice and I suspect that because of it, it doesn't achieve that hight it was supposed to and starts a milimeter or two lower. Just enought that the PLA does not stick to the surface of the bed.
  4. Hey, After printing normally for a month since I bought it, suddenly one random print went totally wrong, when the nozzle started to print aprox. 2 mm apart from the bed. I started the bed levelling wizard to make sure if I accidentaly moved the bed while removing the last finished print, but the settings were the same as I remembered ( less than a milimeter away from the bed in each corner). Any ideas what might have gone wrong? Miha
  5. Upam da je ratalo :cool: Lp, Miha
  6. Any users here from Slovenia? Miha
  7. Hey, What is the best way to change the fillament in your printer. I started with a blue PLA that I recieved with the printer and later did some tests with the flexible black PLA. When I changed the fillament back to the blue one, the first part of the print was a bit "blackish". Any advice what to do with the little what is left of the previous material stuck in the hot end part? Thanks! Regards, Miha
  8. I dissasembled it, cleaned the threads, put teflon seal tape around the thread and tightened it but the same thing happened again, although the print came out really nice. Any other advice?
  9. Here it is. After some tweaking it looks pretty good for the first official print (except for that smudge on the upper right corner). I have just one question. Is it normal for that blue PLA puddle to appear above the nozzle. Or isn't it tight enough?
  10. gr5 you officially became my idol right now. I'm making my first promising print and it looks really good (for a basic rectangle with fillets). I appreciate the help and more than useful advice you've given. I'll post a pic when the print is finished.
  11. I tok the bed out and the motors as well so I could tighten the pulleys even more (especially the ones on the shorter belts). After assembly and restarting the bed levelling again, during the homing process when the head moves to the front left corner it started to make and incredibly loud clacking sound, like something got stuck or as if the motor is trying to push the head against the wall.
  12. Hm I guess the zigzaging is now resolved. The test line around the bed ran smooth so I tryed to make a first print. This is what happened...
  13. I tightened them as hard as I could and tryed the calibration process again. It didn't change much, but now when the head travels from left to right and reverse in zigzags a bit, and travels only third of the way on the X axis. Only the Y and Y axis routes run smooth.
  14. gr5, I don't know if you're a wizzard, but you were right...I checked the wires on the head and one of thethermocouple wires was loose (I guess all the moving it back and forth loosened it a bit). The calibration process was able to proceed now without any cancelation but the next problem occured...when the head moved from the front left corner to the back left corner it ran smoothly. But when it wanted to go from back left to back right it got stuck after 4 cm, stopped, moved a little bit and stopped again so in the end it stopped in the middle of the bed surface so instead of a square it sta
  15. Hey, I just finished the assembly of my Ultimaker Original, downloaded Cura and opened the first run wizard. The problem occured at the step with the bed leveling. When the extrusion head moved to the front left corner it immediately said that the communication with the printer failed, and I couldn't restart the process untill the extrusion head cooled off. I have no idea what to do next. Any ideas or suggestions? Miha
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