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  1. Hello again my friends, I printed a new part with the parameters you gave me and i can say that it is getting better and better every day. The only problem i still have is that line at where the z axis makes its step. I increased the acceleration of the Zaxis from 100 to 500 and still that line persists. I may need to tweek the temperature a little bit more because i am still low (215oC). Besides that, after finishing the print, there were a lot of bridges between the 2 "males". As the nozzle moved from one side to another, it was still pouring a bit of plastic. Its was removed without much effort though. Below i am posting some pictures of the new part (its a connector that i've made for aluminum casting for a local company). It needed a ton of support because as you will see the whole part is in the air and to be honest i did not believe that it could be printed correctly but somehow it did. Printing parameters: Nozzle temperature: 215oC Printing speed: 25mm/s Shell thickness: 0.8mm Infill: 50% Infill printing speed: 45mm/s Travel Speed: 180mm/s Retraction: 70mm/s Flow: 100% Support: Touching buildplate. Printed Using Cura 13.12
  2. We'll I may need some help here as in my ulticontroller it has 2 categories. "Acceleration" and "Azaxis". Which I think is the acceleration of the z axis. Which one should I increase? I have to congratulate you for helping a newbie like me guys. I never thought that anyone would pay attention to my post at all. It is very nice to have a living community here. I feel proud for choosing Ultimaker for my 3D printer and I also feel proud that I supported the European market as they are Dutch. I wish you a happy new year friends and may this year be better for Greece and for every blooding country in the world.
  3. Hello Friends, I made a new print using the parameters that you suggested me and i can say that things were better this time. The issue i had this time is with the support. It seemed to stick a lot with the model and left some residue in the surfaces after removing them. Well in this particular model, there were a looooot of support so its not the ideal model but ok. I think that I can work that out. I made some changes to the support settings. I made it thinner and i increased the distance from the model. I don't know if that was good. Anyway i am uploading the model now (Penholder). I also printed a full scale version of the desk notepaper holder.
  4. I have the ulticontroller. I'll try increasing the z axis speed in my next print. One more thing, when I start any print the bottom layer most of the times does not stick in the platform and it messes up with the nozzle so I need to restart the program again and again. Is that a temp issue or anything else? I must say though that I do not use any platform adhesion method from cura. Do you think I should do?
  5. Hello friends, First of all I must say that we are talking about Ultimaker original and I am using the latest cura software since the first print (with the marlin update). The biggest problem I can point is that bubbles at the point where the z axis makes it's step. How can I adjust the z axis speed? I will change the parameters as you said regarding the travel speeds but what do you think of the nozzle temp? I noticed a better result at ~200oC than at higher temps. Thank you very much for your responses.
  6. Hello there friends, I recently bought an Ultimaker 3D printer after a lot of search on google. I knew from the very beginning that 3D printing is something that needs a loooooot of time to master (if it can be mastered). I am currently working as an industrial Designer in Athens Greece and i have some complex models in my library to print. I started printing some models and i am having a hard time understanding all the parameters of the CURA menu. First of all, the parameters i used for printing these models are 55mm/s printing speed, 202oC nozzle temp, 35mm/s first layer printing speed, 40mm/s travel speed and 0.1mm layer height. As you can see, i get a smooth continuity but in some points the model seems to spit some plastic. Like when the extruder changes direction, it gathers a lot of melted material in one place and it falls from the sides. It looks like plastic bubbles on some corners. On another model (toothbrush holder), the same thing happens in a smooth surface. In addition to that, in this model, the surface finish seems to deteriorate a lot at the narrow points where the nozzle does very quick moves. Printing parameters are same to both of them. I tried raising temp to 220 and speed to 80 when printing and it became worse i think (i did not let it continue with that parameters). Could anyone please give me some general advice about printing parameters? In addition to that, if you could advice me specifically for these examples, i would be grateful. Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas to all of you! Andreas S. Gkertsos
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