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  1. Will the runtime stats on the um2 be saved after the update?
  2. I just opened a new spool of XT today and it has bubbles in it too, my first spool had none. Not noticed a change yet, but ive only used afew meters.
  3. The grub screws you can get from ebay. M3 x 5mm. You can get 4 for £0.99. I just finished modifying my extruder motor, I machined a flat onto the shaft and used blue loctite on the grub screw.
  4. Ok, im glad the flickering lights are normal, i was worried it had another problem. I moved the limit switch back for the Y axis. The head still touches the frame at the front of the printer, but the stepper does not stall anymore, Is this ok? Im not going to be printing that close to the edge anyway, but will it affect anything else now i have moved the position of the switch? Ic's at 80*c is a little to hot for my liking. I bet stepper drivers at 100*c would be getting close to thier thermal design limit. Don't forget i was measuring the back of the board with an ir gun, not very ac
  5. Ok, It is still not functional. I managed to get some life out of the sensor but after increasing it from 185*c to 200*c just extruding filament through Pronterface (not printing) it died again, reported head temp was 1000*c at one point, Clearly a connection issue within the sensor itself. I have also tested the bed in Pronterface and it heats fine. A couple of other problems have arisen during this test, that include the head hitting the frame during the filament insertion step (on the ultimaker not Pronterface). I may have solved this by moving the end stop switch back a bit. The lights
  6. Thanks for your help guys. I think I've found the problem, it is an internal connection issue within the PT100 (right at the head). I removed it from the head. Moving the sensor around while measuring the resistance I get an intermittent connection or it just stays Open circuit! This is strange as the head is not moving, just heating when I get the error, unless the expansion from heating alone is causing an intermittent connection. I installed Pronterface. Nice program, its able to move the head around even with the error onscreen. But I could not get it to show any temperature readings
  7. I cannot access any menus, the printer gets the error in its initial setup. All I can do after that is turn it off. I think the amp for the thermocouples are on the PCB. I can see little IC's behind each temp port. Maybe one of those is dead? The bed does not try and heat up, but I think this is because ive not reached it in the setup yet. It's temperature probe does have the same resistance as the nozzle though which would suggest another thermocouple? I have work tomorrow so will play with it some more Saturday.
  8. Wow, your from Leamington. Im Only in Warwick! It does have "contact Ultimaker support" at the bottom of the error message. Should i just see what they say? It was more than 5*c in the room, The printer head was hot when i touched it but it cools after the error message.
  9. The Print head most certainly heats up to a temperature that will melt the filament and I had the filament all the way in. During the step where you have to press the button to confirm it is extruding I get the error message. Heating stops after the message. Amb temp is approx. 18*c
  10. Ok, I pulled back the mesh covering and everything looks secure, I removed and re-inserted all the connectors to be sure. The thermistor is attached to one continuous shielded cable until the PCB plug. As for the bed, It did not go far enough into the set up to begin heating it, it was In the middle of heating for filament insertion I get the error. I did measure the thermistor in the bed ( at the PCB) . 108 ohms.
  11. I measured the resistance on the back of the PCB Unpluged and pluged in I get 108 ohms. I tried starting the printer up with the thermistor removed and the error comes up right away before all the bed levelling. It is "seeing" the thermistor.
  12. This is brand new out of the box, so it's in the middle of the set up and I can't access any menus yet. Just after nozzle heating and loading the filament my printer says "error temp sensor". It cannot be canceled for fire reasons I guess. I have removed the cover over the controller and tested the thermistor in the head and I get 108 ohms cold and it rises when it's hot. Is this normal behaviour? Another thing I noticed after re-powering the printer with the cover off is the controller board gets very hot, i measured it with my ir gun at 80*c around where the stepper driver chips are. Sur
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