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  1. Thanks gr5! This issue occured when I was moving the X-axis too far and thus "stuttered" the motor / driver. As the motor works fine when I am moving the drivers from Y to X, I am guessing it is the driver, not a soldering joint...? Would I need to update the firmware if I replace the driver? Anyone know how to figure out what driver I need to replace? Thanks again!!!
  2. Thanks for replying. Not sure what components this machine uses, but the producer mentioned "second generation" thus I was thinking they were referring to the UMII. The machine was delivered with the Ultimaker software (CURA), and the manual specified to select the UMII for slicing... However, the menus / setup etc etc. is terrible, it won´t even return to "home" after having printed. We also have a Makerbot here, and although the MB is quite basic as well, it´s a supercomputer compared to this one..... Anyhow, the print-surface of 200x300x360 is what made us purchase one of these for testing
  3. After just some days of testing, the X-axis moves only one direction. I have tried moving the cables from the Y-axis to the X-axis on the motherboard, and the X-moves when using the Y-controls. By other words, the issue is related to the control of the X-axis. I did read something about replacing an arduino control of some sorts, but also that I had to upload a new firmware by doing so. As my UM II is not an original one, but a "Mingda" (I needed the larger printer-surface of this model) I am not sure if I can update the firmware with "stock" ones? I am in contact with Mingda, but they are
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