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  1. https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xfa1/t31.0-8/p843x403/10661703_1553496754871778_2806605136491490929_o.jpg This is exactly what i want. But I am not sure how this is done
  2. @anon4321 thats exactly the problem i am trying to solve. I am playing around with such text to gcode software. The problem i find there is the fonts are made using infill (regular ttf fonts) which impedes the cursive text output. Whereas what I get is a two oulines for any character which leads to overlap and other material depositing issue. I agree this is a start but I have seen Daid doing it in one of his test prints. I have a UM2 and another makeXY printer.
  3. Hi There, I am wondering if there is a technique out there that can print text as cursive letters using just the nozzle width. In short, the tool path should be cursive and the nozzle deposits the material at .4mm. Effectively i will get a stroked path of text. I believe @DAID has an approach for it. The current problem with slicers is that whenever i use text it tries to infill making the quality bad. I am looking for constant width stroke that represent text. Any ideas or suggestion.? Uma
  4. Hello, I want to know how to remove the black gunk in the Z-axis. I tried using the green grease but the gunk doesnt go away. Should i have to take the UM2 apart to clean the z-axis rod and the nut? Attached is an image of a part i printed. I suspect that there is either Z-axis problem or X-Y misalignment. Please advise. Uma
  5. Thanks! Will giveit a shot by converting into a .sh
  6. Hi There, I am trying to figure out how to include a material change in between a print. I am using a custom version of slic3r for my workflow. I am wondering what GCODE to use to change the material on fly. Something like this - Home the head - Lower the build plate by x amount - Display "removing material" - Move the material back by X amount - Display add material - This is where i am getting misled. How will we know when to stop when the material comes out of the nozzle. In short, i am trying to replicate the material change using marling Gcode. anyone who has experience with some other way of doing this please chip in. I am open to options. Just that I dont want to do cura + plugin way beacuse it alters my workflow dramatically. Sam.
  7. Hi @gr5 Sorry i did upload pictures but something went awry. Here you go pictures attached.! On another topic I was printing a box that had to be very close to the nominal dimensions. So the settings I used were Layer Height: .25 Speed: 50 mm/s Infill: 30% 2 top and bottom layers Temperature: 217 @ PLA Nozzle: .4 Multiplier: 1.05 Extusion width: .4 I am not exceeding 5 mm/s in extrusion rate here. But my printer is clicking at a definite interval and its causing under extrusion making the print quality bad. However I am able to hit the dimensions on holes and exterior within .10 mm (is this a decent tolerance to shoot for with UM2?) The biggest question I have is how are people figuring out what speed to go? I am fed up with how it clicks all the time for what i want to do. P.S I did tighten the bowden extruder by lowering the nozzle plate a bit and then pushing the bowden into the white nylon holder. I cleaned the extruder mechanism checked the tooth for grinding etc. I would be happy if someone can find a checklist for weekly maintenance. Thanks for your time
  8. Hey Gr5 Great post here. I am wondering whats the math behind mm3/s and temperature. Is it empirical or is it some how derived based on your graph? The reason i ask should i be doing this for each material spool i have? Uma gr5 edit: removed massive quote of entire first post.
  9. Hi, Attached are the pictures from cone test. I find it puzzling to see that in the layers there is under extrusion only in the area right after the text. Post that there is no under extrusion. I need to understand what need to be fixed in my UM2. The extrusion length seems to be ok which means my e-steps are fine. I primed my nozzle before conducting the test so clogging may not be an issue. the cone test was done using PLA, 230C. Uma
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