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  1. omg super thanks. Its verry likely loose belts. I'll check them right away. its an UM original btw The only problem is the short belts are on the lowest/tightest point possible and I allready have belt tensioners in the Y direction. I'll try and add them on the x axis as well. But it seem that these are allready pretty tight. anyways its worth trying. I'll let this topic know if it fixes the problem when I'm sure. the z gap could be also a result of loose belt is I understand correctly. There was nothing to see in layer view tnx
  2. Hi , I've been having problems with offsets ans gaps on my prints. They happen in verry specific locations and mainly on the x-axis (I think) In Cura everything looks ok if I check the "layes". Look at the images I added for a better understanding. (in the second img I marked the gaps in red) so any ideas ? thnx
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