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  1. I have a problem with one of the belts and I want to replace it. I can't find any tutorials how to do this. I'm particularly not sure how to remove the black box which holds the belt and the 2 axes together. Any tips?
  2. I'm not sure which part you mean is bent... The belt is loose but the other parts seems to be pretty fine. Can you explain?
  3. The belt was tight as it's supposed to be. However, all of a sudden it's much looser. I'm not sure where this extra belt lenght is coming from
  4. It seems both sides are sloppy (see http://imgur.com/uGDYQt6). Any way I can increase the tension?
  5. After my last print I noticed that one of the belts is sloppy (see picture http://imgur.com/Wl7fHRd) I'm not sure what happened. I contacted Ultimaker support but didn't get a reply. Can I tighten the belt? If so, how can I do it? Alternatively, do I need to replace the belt? If so, how do I do the replacing? Not sure how to proceed and avoid this in the future
  6. I had a second look. So the bottom part of the folded metal isn't straight either. It was like that when I received it and didn't cause any problems. Now it's touching the clip. How can I fix this?
  7. The folded metal part always looked like this. The bottom part is actually straight and always prints well - only the top part doesn't look straight. I updated the firmware 3-4 weeks ago. Before cleaning the it wasn't touching the clip. Now it's touching it a little bit which prevents proper levelling of the build place. If it was a few mm further, it would be fine. I'm not sure why it's not because it was fine yesterday. Apart from firmware update, what else could be an issue?
  8. After cleaning up the extruder I noticed that the right end stop is incorrect. Basically, the extruder touches the metal clasp holding the glass plate. When I calibrate the build plate, the extruder touches the clasp and prevents it from moving upward. You can see the pictures showing this here: http://imgur.com/ABA2JWY Any tips how this could be solved? The extruder has to stop a bit more inward not to touch the clasp.
  9. This is exactly what I noticed. Why would I need to keep things warm if this is happening? I noticed that the part that lifts becomes very wobbly and eventually spills out.
  10. Yes, both fans are working. I tried printing at 60-100 microns with pretty much the same results. I did notice that PLA doesn't cool down fast enough and gets quite flexible. What temperature would you recommend?
  11. I've been using a Faberdashery PLA 3MM filament for my Ultimaker 2. When printing layers sloping outwards (or mild overhangs), the printer seems to feed too much material. Excess starts to add up with every layers until the surface gets messed up. I tried tuning the material flow settings (reducing to 95-97%) while printing, however, the results are not always consistent. Sometimes, the Ultimaker leaves tiny gaps when printing with reduced flow which then leads to further errors. I suspect I need to calibrate the filament diameter settings or the feed rate (i.e. related between feed speed and
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