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  1. The only humble experience I have would be mainly Blender... and some tinkering here and there in a past education. With 3D printing in mind, what would be the pro's and cons between those two in your opinion, CAD and a 3D drawing program? The easy pull-and-push action in Google Sketchup is great, and I 'm just beginning to appreciate the possibilities of Design Spark Mechanical. Luckily some basics look similar between different 3D programs. Design Spark Mechanical seems to be a collaboration with SpaceClaim, which is kind of cool, on an introduction-event for the metallurgic industry
  2. Something in the range of 8 years to 16... although there might be some more veteran LAN-members (up to 40 +) having a go at it. I've seen interesting examples, going to try that one as well, thank you!
  3. 3D-Print Experience in Haarlem Doodle 3D-fish from 3D-Print Experience Last sunday I went to the 3D-Print Experience in Haarlem, an intimate event. It’s target audience: hobbyists, kids, starting enthousiasts, educational people and artists. An interesting and ambitious printer is the Zmorph, a company busy with developing a multifunctional tool which can 3Dprint several materials and carve and engrave metals too. The latter two still in development phase. It’s concept: change the printing heads for the various applications. A 3D-Chef was also present, he showed examples of o
  4. I *think* I get it. The first tests that were done with 235 degrees nozzle temperature had a lower heater-bed temperature then the recent ones. I followed the heating progress of the nozzle temperature and the heater-bed temperature on de oled-screen. If the targeted heater-bed temperature was 75 degrees, then the nozzle had already reached it's 235 degrees, while the heater-bed still was somewhere around 40 degrees. So the PLA started to ooze. If there was nothing to force the melted plastic down, it seemed to cook and expand in volume at the tip of the nozzle.
  5. That could be an option, we already have been looking in anticipation to some solutions on YouMagine With new settings the stone printed with almost no under-extrusion, save for one line that under-extruded partially, nearing the end of completion. brim: 35 lines, layer hight: 0,25, printing speed: 50 mm/s printing temperature: 235 C heaterbed temperature 40 C There are some issues with the surface, but right now that's another story. Made some more tests today with 235 degrees nozzle temperature compared to 210. This time the nozzle oozed PLA before the bar was full, I did
  6. After printing several jobs overnight, we got confident enough to print the stone for 'Project Egg'. The longest and highest print we made so far. The set-up: an UM2 with vaseline lubricated original spoolholder, the original glue on the glass plate, Ultimaker PLA White. The settings: brim: 35 lines, layer hight: 0,15, printing speed: 50 mm/s printing temperature: 210 C heaterbed temperature 60 C After watching and grooming* the first few layers, the job was left unattended and under-extrusion ocurred. While approaching the point where the object curved inwards, mo
  7. Never tried it myself, but found this article: http://www.3dprinterclassifieds.com/blog/2013/02/using-acetone-vapor-to-smooth-abs-3d-printed-parts/ If ever experimenting with that, I wouldn't use that inside the house.
  8. We had somewhat the same issue, it happened after cleaning the glass plate, then we discovered we had the glass-plate upside-down --> warning sticker down on heaterbed), putting 'the right side up' strangely resolved the issue for us. I put the glass plate upside down on our table, it wobbled a bit. (Or our table isn't super-flat). It could have been a leveling issue. No conclusion yet...
  9. Thank you very much! Request for a stone has been made as well.
  10. Awesome project! What would the average dimensions and weight per stone be?
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