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  1. Bonjour and hello 🙂


    J'ai cherché sur le forum, j'ai trouvé une raison liée à OpenGl; peut être une piste:



    So i found on the forum, something related to OpenGL that can cause issues with Cura 4.4, maybe it's worth while checking the link to the post linked here


  2. Hi and welcome,


    The line width setting is the width of the line that is extruded. 


    If you ask for 0.4mm and your extruder e-steps are well set in, your feeder is not slipping, the nozzle is not partially clogged, the filament has a constant and good diameter, it should actually build a 0.4mm wall.

  3. @zungara @Roli4711


    First thing: i'm not working at Ultimaker (just to be clear).


    I understand your frustration. And i also agree that when you buy something it should work as intended. It's not clear to me why some customers received the units and other not, i think it would have been better that the units would have been sent after the firmware fixes are done but it was not possible as some bugs were found a bit late from what i understood.


    So regarding priority, it would have been the same for people who have the material station (if the priority would have been set the other way around).


    I'm pretty sure the team is working hard to satisfy everybody

  4. So to be clear, the latest firmware enables the air manager but only at full speed (100%).


    The latest firmware was focused on the material station.


    Future firmware releases will manage different speeds depending on the materials. 


    I'm not sure about the noise, the video posted earlier shows indeed quite some noise, maybe it's related to the 100% setting and will be less high on most materials that need the air manager?

  5. Hi Kahlid,


    Welcome in the community.


    What you describe doesn't exist i think. But if you have enough top layers and that the infill density is enough it should not be a problem.


    Usually 6 top layers is enough to cover and have a nice finish. The infill density depends on the model. One interesting feature that can help is setting up gradual infill, for example set the density to 20% (which should be enough in most cases) and gradual steps to 1 or 2. When the top layers are going to be printed, the infill is "densified" to 20% as for the rest of the object the density is divided by the number of steps.

  6. Yes i agree with @NBull and if the filament is being grinded it must be because it's blocked somewhere (either before the feeder or after the feeder), might be a partially clogged core.


    With PVA moisture ca also give some pretty bad extrusion and add a lot of friction in the bowden for example...

  7. Hi,


    If they are different models and if i understand the question correctly you might select the per model settings (left button bar) and change the wall settings for the models you want

  8. Hi,


    While it's probably doable with quite some work, this probably won't happen (not official upgrade kit).


    A lot of components are different and would need to be changed, the price and the effort is probably higher than selling the um3 and buying the S3

  9. J'ai déjà imprimer du PolyMax mais il ne me semble pas avoir rencontré des problèmes comme ça...


    Peut être du coup mettre le plateau un poil plus haut, peut être rajouter un petit brim (je trouve que ça facilite le passage de la spatule en dessous du modèle pour le détacher.


  10. Bonjour,


    Avec la feuille de calibration fournie avec la machine, quand tu fais le niveau du plateau, tu fais en sorte que ça frotte un peu, la feuille doit pouvoir bouger mais tu dois sentir une petite résistance.


    Niveau distance, ça doit être entre 0.1 et 0.2mm il me semble.


    Perso pour que ça tienne bien, je fais une première couche à 0.2mm (au lieu des 0.27mm par défaut). 


    Aussi quand l'impression se lance, je regarde les première couches (soit la jupe, soit le brim) et si je vois que c'est un peu haut ou un peu bas, j'ajuste les vis à la volée.

  11. Moi je me tracasse pas pour le bois je prend du laiton. Certains disent que c'est abrassif j'ai jamais vraiment remarqué.


    Quand tu dis que la buse est trop grosse tu veux dire quoi par la?


    C'est peut être ton alimentation aussi qui n'arrive pas à fournir assez de puissance?

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