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  1. Yes, I have tried on my second computer ( same windows 7 ) and also tested on linux machine. on both machines Cura works well.
  2. 1) windows7 2) No, I didnt know that, but when I've tried, it seems that Cura is forced to update to latest version. 3) 13.12 4) The error is popped on no sooner than entering Cura. Thank you for your kind concerns.
  3. Hi guys, after googling all day long, I finally need help on this forum. Just after reinstall Cura at latest version, I got crashed, : An error has occurred during the 3D view drawing. TypeError: '("No array-type handler for type <class 'ctypes.c_ulong'> <value: c_ulong(0L)) registered", None)' @ arraydatatype.pyx:OpenGL_accelerate.arraydatatype.HandlerRegistry.c_lookup(src\arraydatatype.c:2106):58 @ arraydata........ ... ~~~~ I have no idea on this. Any help will be very appreciated, thank you.
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