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  1. Thanks tinkergnome, I used the M302 command and it worked. I am now able to print using Print2Cast filament just have to get the feed and temp dialed in.
  2. I Have Ultimaker Original+ and trying to print some Print2Cast filament and the nozzle temp is 140-150c. The safety shuts down the filament feed at 170c so I can't print that low of temp. Is there a way to change the safety to another temp and how. I'm using Cura, I prefer the older versions but willing to change to newer if needed.
  3. I have a Ultimaker Original + and one of the drivers on the board went out, so I changed it to a GT2560 board and loaded Marlin firmware for Ultimaker and the printer is not responding, Arduino says it uploaded and that the program is good. Can someone help with this. thanks
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