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  1. Great Idea !!! And i proposed to do the same thing with the retraction. I print occasionaly with my dual extruder PLA and FLexible PLA. And I have to desactivate the retraction for the both because the flexible doesn't like that. It could be great to keep retraction activate for the normal PLA and desactivate for the flexible.



    It is a GUI issue, this could be done quite easy in the engine. But currently I have no proper GUI elements to put this in place and still keep the GUI a bit easy. There are tons of things people want to differently on both extruders.

    (A plugin would be a nice workaround right now)


    I had the same thought with flexible PLA. It would be great if this material could be included in a dual material print.

    I have read somewhere in the forum that a number of Ultimaker users discontinue using the dual extrusion extension - maybe this is because, in the long run, just printing with two colours is not fascinating enough for the additional efforts? (You can also paint your objects ...). However, combining different material properties in one print (by type or nozzle-specific settings) opens up a new world of possibilities.


  2. Inspired by viralatas http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/2346-first-tests-of-architectural-prints/?p=28444 I have experimented a bit with 'light tubes' using my new dual extrusion UM1. The idea was to let a hemisphere pick up light that falls through a hole in a base cylinder (printed on my UM2) and depending on the entrance of the (clear) PLA the light should show up on one of different spots where the light tubes end on the surface of the hemisphere:

    20140216 104530


    The result for two rotations of the hemisphere (sorry for the grainy pictures of a rather dark scene):


    20140216 073214

    20140216 073148


    So it worked finally! My first attempts were with 20% or so infill. However, this absorbed all the light in the tubes. So, the present print was done with 1.6 mm of shell thickness, I think, and without infill (without wipe tower but with ooze shield):


    20140210 085918


    In this case I would have preferred some infill for the opaque (gold) PLA component but no infill for the clear PLA. If you think about it then it would be really great if you could set shell thickness and infill independently for the two nozzles in Cura (so far this is only possible for temperature and filament diameter, I think). It would then also be possible to contrast density, structure and stability of the two material components. That could be quite helpful for some print projects.


    Would that be possible, Daid? :-P




  3. Hi,

    I am new to this forum but not new to the Ultimakers (I have one UM1 and one UM2 so far). This is an interesting discussions here, and I, personally, don't see the threat to UM so much by the Replicator and Cube printers (I agree to UM's special niche). However, the new http://www.3ders.org/articles/20140107-3d-systems-announced-full-color-cubejet-cerajet-3d-ceramic-printer.html could be a real game changer as this one is positioned below USD 5000. What do you think? Probably to early to tell ...


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