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  1. Yes, sorry. Should have taken this down. It's sold. Dan
  2. Hi Chris. Where are you located? Dan
  3. I'm selling my Ultimaker 2. Barely used so you'll be getting a bargain compared to a new one. it's an absolutely amazing piece of kit, but I changed jobs while waiting for it to get delivered and frankly haven't had the time to do all I planned to, so I have to face facts that I'm going to take a loss. It works perfectly and still hasn't gone through a full reel of PLA (it came with a reel of blue and is about half way through it.) It cost me £1960 inc VAT, so I'm hoping for £1450 ono, because it really is as good as new, but would be willing to negotiate. I currently have the printer in Seaham (near newcastle), but I travel down to Sheffield fairly often at weekends, so Collection/delivery can be negotiated too. Thanks, Dan danjudge@me.com
  4. Hi. Yes, I'm not sure if this will help because I really can't go below £1450. Anything below that and I'm inclined to keep it. Cheers, Dan.
  5. Hi Phil. Sorry, I really can't drop the price anywhere near £1200. Anything less than £1500 and I think I'd rather hang on to it. Dan.
  6. I'm selling my Ultimaker 2. It's about 4 months old, and although it's an absolutely amazing piece of kit, I moved jobs while waiting for it to get delivered and frankly haven't had the time to do all I planned to, so I have to face facts that I'm going to take a loss. It works perfectly and still hasn't gone through a full reel of PLA (it came with a reel of blue and is about half way through it.) It cost me £1960 inc VAT, so I'm hoping for £1550 ono, because it really is as good as new. I currently have the printer in Guildford, Surrey, but I travel up to Sheffield at weekends, so it can be collected from either place. Thanks, Dan danjudge@me.com
  7. Thanks JonnyBischof. Yes, I have tried Sketchup and think that will be my standard tool of choice. It's very similar to the form of modelling I'm used to, but do intend to build up to more precise items, that require moving parts with very small tolerances, so hope to boost my CAD skills for such projects. Thanks, Dan.
  8. Yeah, from what I've seen, the 3D printing community is a pretty close one. I am expecting that the first 3 months will include a lot of tinkering and learning. I've read a lot, and seen a lot of videos, but it's live troubleshooting where you really learn something I guess. I am expecting at least a few moments where I'm ready to through my printer at a wall!!!!
  9. Hi Owen. Thanks for that. I want to make the kit, but I also want the UM2 (which doesn't appear to come as a kit)...... I think I'm going to go for the UM2 though, as I'm interested in seeing the top quality that it can print, even though I intend to finish a lot of them by hand.. Hi BauerMaker. You have some awesome work. Really like the finishes on all 3 items. Can I ask what processes went in to making those items look so good? I've seen a few workflows on youtube, but none that came out as well as those. Yeah, As I said, the main goal is to make sure the business is not in the red for too long. I'm using the banks money to pay for a new hobby, so morally, I have to make every effort to at least repay them.... whether it leads to me prototyping gadgets and ideas for mass production down the line is just a bonus I guess.
  10. Hello. I am looking at purchasing my first 3D printer and want to know what some of you more experienced users think. I am a lover of technology, so I have been fascinated with 3D printing for some time, but only in the last 2-3 weeks have I seriously considered buying one, but the more I read, the more I hear of common issues and worries, so I though I'd lay my intentions out there and hopefully I'll get some honest feedback as to whether it's worth me taking the plunge. My Background. I'm an experienced 3D Animator, and have a decent amount of experience in 3D modelling. I have no CAD experience, but have watched hours of AutoCad/ Inventor videos and I can see the similarities and differences between modelling for Games/TV and designing products in CAD programmes. So I imagine there'll certainly be a lot of learning to get my CAD skills up to scratch, but I'm not coming from a position of no experience. My Intentions. I have already set up a company and have a URL (no website yet). Before any alarm bells are going off. I feel I have a good understanding of the limitations of 3D printing and I am not expecting this printer will instantly make me a millionaire, it'll be more of a hobby than anything...The main reason I'm running this as a business is that I have no way of funding the purchase of a printer, and when I set up my own small company in the past (I'm self employed/freelance), I was given a £3k overdraft which helped cover setup costs. So I do intend to try and make every effort to at least get back up to £0.00. Timeline. I'm hoping to get the Ultimaker 2. I like the idea of getting the kit*, as I see the value of learning the technology, but I worry that I'm going to make it incorrectly in some way and I'll have a £1800 printer that prints like its £300. Any advice on this would be welcomed! *(does the UM come as a kit, or is that just original?) The first 6 months or so is aimed at me learning the technology and it's limitations. I've read lots of stuff about the practicality and the limitations of 3D printing, but it's only when you try something yourself, do you really understand, I guess? After that, I aim to try and make small runs of small products for sale through an online store. I appreciate that this machine will not print off perfect quality items for sale in massive numbers, but I will look at creating 4-5 different items, that I will finish by hand (I have a list of about 30, that I will whittle down once I have some hands on experience with which items will work best). My thoughts are that I need to print off items that use a small amount of material, would normally have a high retail cost for it's size and preferably items where perfect precision is not necessary, as the finishing would require sanding away a certain amount of detail. I've seen some very nice finishes given to 3D printed products, and for small runs, I am not hoping for great financial gains from this, as it is clear that 3D Printing and hand finishing will mean I'll be limited to what I can print and in what quantities.... but Maybe I'll kickstarter a few little items and I might make a few hundred quid here and there... or maybe not. Long term In the long run, I see this as a piece of kit that will enable me to get valuable experience in the design and creation of projects, that will eventually lead to the machine being used for prototyping products for mass production using injection moulding (outsourced). Again, using Kickstarter, I hope to fund the run of items in the mid hundreds (and up?). Funding it this way, will mean I already know my costs for tooling, based on an accurate prototype, can set my prices, do the maths and if it's not funded, then I just don't make it.....no huge losses (just a loss of time and effort).... Maybe I'll never design a project that gets funded, but my costs for trying will be low at least (let me know if you think my logic is flawed). Summary So I just wanted to know if my intentions and expectations were reasonable. I have already read a lot of stories about people thinking that 3D printing will make them a fortune, and I'm certainly not in that camp, but I see it's potential in prototyping a product that could make money.... but to be completely honest, if it takes me 4 years, and I manage to pay off the price of the printer, and I've learned a new hobby and had fun, then I'm cool with that too. Now please feel free to tear into me, ha ha.,
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