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  1. I got a new PT-100 from the reseller, unfortunately(?) one for the UM2 and not the UM2+ but it seems to work now (The unit starts up and i have done some small testprints.) Thx for the help trouble shooting! /Tor
  2. Hi, Thanks for all your comments and quick replies. I will talk to the reseller of the upgrade kit before i proceed with anything else. The only thing i find a bit curious is that the unit accepted the faulty pt100 element when plugged into the bed-sensor slot. I.e. what could be the difference there? There seems to certainly be some form of control on that slot as well because if i left that sensor slot unconnected i got an error message on it but not when both sensors where connected in a swapped configuration :/ /Tor
  3. Hmm, this seems like a possible problem. The nozzle sensor only reads 12 Ohms while the bed sensor says ~108 as you state above Should i interpret that as the sensor being none functional?
  4. It wont even start up when i get the error message. It hangs and indicates the error on the display, mentioned above. If i swap the sensors however the system starts up and displays the ordinary menus.
  5. So i decided to upgrade my old UM2 with the the Extrusion Upgrade Kit converting the UM2 to a UM2+. The process where mainly painless but when restarting the device i get the: ERROR - STOPPED Temp sensor (ER01) Following the tips on the troublesooting page (https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/19484-er01-stopped-temp-sensor) i swapped the temp1 (Nozzle) with temp3 (bed-sensor). With the unit starts up without any error-message. I.e. it seems like both sensors work when swapped. I can however not get the nozzle sensor working in its intended,
  6. Hi Daid, Running your own apt repo is "a piece of cake" with reprepro (Available packaged both in Debian and Ubuntu)
  7. Official upstream support and proper Debian packages is of course the way to go. I created the packages due to the missing 14.01 packages for Linux and would of course rather see official ones I really hope that the re-factored UM-packages would be provided via an Apt repository as well as loose deb downloads so that i could use my normal upgrade procedure, with the OS telling me about the update, also for the Cura packages.
  8. HI Kenzu, I added packages for 12.04 Precise this morning. Note that i have no chance of testing these myself. If you do could you please let us know if they worked or not?
  9. Hi, Since there where now official packages of Cura 14.01 for Linux I created an unofficial ppa with packages for this. Note that this is my own spin of the package which are a bit more Debianized then the official ones. I have for instance splitted the package up in three sub packages, cura, curaengine and python power. The ppa can be found here: https://launchpad.net/~tor-krill/+archive/curappa They work for me, Ubuntu 13.10 amd64, but there are no guarantees of any kind. Use at your own risk! /Tor
  10. Thx Dim3nsioneer, That seemed like one nasty bug. Good to not to be bitten by that one then But a note on the download page would perhaps have been appropriate /Tor
  11. Hi, I'm unable to find the Cura 14.01 release for Linux. I have 13.12 installed and downloaded from Ultimaker. Indications in the forum also suggests that there used to be a 14.01 Linux download as well. What ever happened? When could the 14.01 release be available for Linux? (And Ubuntu/Debian in particular) /Tor
  12. gr5, unfortunately(?) I live in Sweden so no deliveries on Saturdays, heaven forbid :( And thanks for the tip on the profile, location added!
  13. Hi Sander and others, Totally missed that the post was moved. One should think that there would be sent out some form of notification since i made the original post. But well well, i found out anyway. I would describe myself as not totally illiterate with a screwdriver. I usually manage to disassemble and put my laptop back together with out too many screws left over So if the exchange of the board does not involve any dissemblance of the mechanics, i.e. guides for build bed and extruder etc, but only requires electronics and screws i should most likely pull it off. With that said, if its
  14. Hi IRobertI and others! I agree that the piece seems to be pushed back into place. Unfortunately I'm a bit reluctant to try when i don't even know how the connector should be orientated. I have opened a ticket and hopefully i will get some good news soon. It would really be a pity if i had to send it back right away when the unit finally has arrived :( Thx for the tip on the glass plate! Will try this later then.
  15. So I finally got my UM2 today after a somewhat long wait. Big kudos to Sander working hard on CR on the forum and in other parts. Unfortunately my UM2 seems to be a dead fish in the water. Upon unpacking the unit I realized that the controller knob was loose. Is this fixable or should I just pack things up again? And as a follow up question, maybe pointless with regards on above mentioned problem. My glass build plate is located under the build platform which seems a bit odd. I remember vaguely that I read a post on some other customer talking on this. Unfortunately i can't find
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