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  1. I got a new PT-100 from the reseller, unfortunately(?) one for the UM2 and not the UM2+ but it seems to work now (The unit starts up and i have done some small testprints.) Thx for the help trouble shooting! /Tor
  2. Hi, Thanks for all your comments and quick replies. I will talk to the reseller of the upgrade kit before i proceed with anything else. The only thing i find a bit curious is that the unit accepted the faulty pt100 element when plugged into the bed-sensor slot. I.e. what could be the difference there? There seems to certainly be some form of control on that slot as well because if i left that sensor slot unconnected i got an error message on it but not when both sensors where connected in a swapped configuration :/ /Tor
  3. Hmm, this seems like a possible problem. The nozzle sensor only reads 12 Ohms while the bed sensor says ~108 as you state above Should i interpret that as the sensor being none functional?
  4. It wont even start up when i get the error message. It hangs and indicates the error on the display, mentioned above. If i swap the sensors however the system starts up and displays the ordinary menus.
  5. So i decided to upgrade my old UM2 with the the Extrusion Upgrade Kit converting the UM2 to a UM2+. The process where mainly painless but when restarting the device i get the: ERROR - STOPPED Temp sensor (ER01) Following the tips on the troublesooting page (https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/19484-er01-stopped-temp-sensor) i swapped the temp1 (Nozzle) with temp3 (bed-sensor). With the unit starts up without any error-message. I.e. it seems like both sensors work when swapped. I can however not get the nozzle sensor working in its intended,
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