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  1. you are right, the boolean did not work. You would probably need more triangles to do the boolean, the eye you have there is very low-resolution. If you switch to flat shading in meshmixer, or turn on the wireframe, you will see it is not many faces. That is why the Remesh has "ripples" - it is a higher res mesh, but projected onto the low-res mesh you started with. The "smooth" version you see in the other images is not actually smooth (you can see the faceting in the first slice image, for example). It is just smooth shading, based on interpolating normals. So, the one with "ripples" would
  2. As Dim3nsioneer mentions, you can set the physical size of your model with the Unit/Scale tool. You can also scale using the Transform gizmo ('t' hotkey). Click and drag on the the little white box in the middle. If you are familiar with the old UI, the main change is that now many of the tools are in second-level menus that only appear once you have made a selection, above the selection tool parameters. Sorry about all the out-of-date tutorials, unfortunately meshmixer is made by a very small team and nobody has the job of writing documentation/tutorials.
  3. I wanted to follow up and thank you all for the feedback. We just released meshmixer 2.1, and there are a lot of improvements to the support workflow. In particular: 1) you can leave the tool, save/load a .mix file, and come back and continue manually editing the support 2) you can merge the multiple-overlapping-shells support structure into non-self-intersecting solids 3) your parameter settings are saved when you exit the tool 4) the sliders do a bit of rounding to a reasonable number of digits of precision 5) you can draw a 100% manual support structure, no need to auto-generate at all
  4. Very interesting thread. Please don't hesitate to meshmixer forum. As Illuminarti mentioned, I am actively working on this...actually I would say that what you are using now is probably best described as an early beta of the support generator. I can only print so many tests myself, I really do need people to describe their experiments so we can figure out what does and doesn't work. So, I hope you'll keep digging for those "sweet nuggets of gold"...
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