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  1. i got some .ini files with settings for UM 1 from this topic: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/3599-settings-for-kisslicer
  2. Hello, Does anyone have a full set of tested settings for Ultimaker 2? I've found some on wiki and forum, but usually are for ultimaker original or are for older version of KS.
  3. Thank you all for suggestions. @Valcrow I've found today i don't really need the glue and I'm testing.
  4. Hello, I need to buy another glue stick, can i get whatever i find on market? How can i select the right one? Is there any fact i should look for?
  5. Thanks for the quick and firm answer. Yes, the minimum layer time was set to 5sec. When i repeat the tests i will confirm the result. I think the acceleration was not the problem, as long as the "faster" area was "H" shaped while the slower one war a rectangle (same size, smaller primeter).
  6. Hello, I've done two testing prints, same object but different speed and layer heigth settings: 0.06mm and 40mm/s vs. 0.2 and 100mm/s. I observed that on certain areas, even the settings are different, the printer is moving the same (and i'm not talking about the first layer). Is it normal that the printer itself decide to use a certain speed on some areas? Which are the factors that affect this? I may post two videos regard that. Thanks, Stefan
  7. What about the lead time for U2? is it still up to 8-10 weeks? Lead time is a key factor for me...
  8. @ AaronAlai: You're wellcome! @SandervG: Is there in plan a Dual Extruder for Ultimaker 2? I saw something in one of your posts (http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/3255-ultimaker%C2%B2-lead-time-update/page-14?hl=%20dual%20%20extruder) but just wanted to be sure is not the about the existing dual extruder fot Ultimaker Original.
  9. I can say i have some practical experience as i am an Architecture graduate (evan if i don't do that for a living), also some experience with 3d software. I also know that, like in manny areas, you get the most knowledge from live experience. What is was looking for is not a 600 pages book but something that would help me design the desired 3d pritable object without too manny compromises. The problem is that i don't have too much time to fool around, so i was trying to prepare evan before i get the printer (i'm looking for UM2), and the lead time is 8 - 10 weeks. There are a few modeling gu
  10. Is there any guide for 3D printing? Starting with the printing technology, what is possible, what is not possible (overhang angle limit, bridges), how can you achieve shapes that usualy are not possible (e. g. by using removable parts to get larger bridges), and 3D printing specific proceed to get better results, print faster and consume less materials.
  11. Hello, I will add my questions here, as i'm also a newbie. I also intend to buy a 3D printer, i stopped for Ultimaker because of their high resolution. (It may not be fair to ask here, but are there similar competitors? Why should i chose Ultimaker in front of them?) My intention is to create sort of hardware box for some device prototype. My questions are: 1. Is Cura just to prepare the print or works for modeling? 2. How much i have to clean after the print so i can get a acceptable result? Are this (in pics) usual "errors" you get during the print? http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index
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