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  1. You say it's there again? Where? What's the menu path? I'm updated to the latest firmware I've been offered... 5.5.12-20200226-Ultibot
  2. To the Ultimaker gods... please please enable the ability to turn the Material Station light off. This is my #1 requested "feature." After several months of it being listed as a future "feature" it's beginning to drive me a bit nuts. If there's a direct instruction on how to hack it through developer mode I'd take that as well. I'll even take the thing apart and just unplug the light via some documentation...
  3. What state are you in Patsy? Just hoping that you happen to be local to southern california (where I am) ... for possible easy pickup. (I'm also assuming you have the original box and foam to ship it in if you don't live in SoCal?) -- My zip code is 92008.
  4. The s5 comes with a few printer test files one called literally "Printer Test" Mine came out looking great clearly showing the capability of the PVA included... ...however Ultimaker usually has example tests and prints that either are cool looking or serve a purpose. This isn't resembling anything cool persay so I'm hoping there's an intended use? Thanks all... (yes I did search extensively if there's another thread on this please point me to it.) -M
  5. If anyone has a link to an item on ebay or other that has "a complete kit of bed, thermocouple, controller and power supply" that is known to work with the Ultimaker original I would love to use it to buy the whole thing. I know others would as well. Please post one someone.
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