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  1. All sorted! It is printing like new 8) It wasn't loose pulleys, but misaligned rods. Labern, that link was super helpful thanks!!
  2. No - I didn't want to do anything until i seeked expert advice I'll give that a go, thanks!!
  3. Hi All, First major issue I've had with the printer and it's a bit strange... I start a print and all seems ok (I have noticed the occasional knocking sound in the movement but not all the time). After the first layer, there is a loud noise (stepper/belt skipping?) and the print head tries to move beyond the edge. Then that makes everything go out of line and I have to abort. Now the confession - I got my finger caught in it when trying to remove some stringing for a 'work in progress' picture. This made the belt slip and the print head go out of line. But, after aborting the print and rest
  4. Ah ok... not in the new one - at least I know I'm not going crazy! Legacy Cura: Makes sense - the object loads on its end... hadn't thought about the rods hitting the first part! Doh!
  5. Hi All! I'm having trouble finding the option to print one part at a time on the new Cura (on a mac if that makes any difference). Tried searching the forum but no joy... Someone point me in the right direction? Thanks! -Stu Edit: Also... I tried using the older version of Cura just to get this done and I get an error; Info: Print one at a time mode disabled. Object too tall. (The part is very small)
  6. Printer is only 1 hour of prints old but thought I'd test it... failed at 10mm3
  7. thanks for the tips! fans were good, spun up when i changed to 100% before the print. Very happy chap... now, what to print next?!
  8. I've pre-ordered the Structure Sensor ($349) http://structure.io
  9. I wasn't paying enough attention to it to answer the fan question... I'll be printing the first two again and will pay closer attention when I do. I'll also fire up Cura and set the infill to 30%. Trying not to be too distracted by it when I should be working. Super exciting stuff!
  10. Just got my Ulitmaker2 and managed to set aside some time today to get it set up for first prints... considering it takes minutes to set up, I had no excuses really! There was a slight problem with the robot (when it started the 'belly') but a really nice first print... very happy with it! Next thing I tried was already on the SD card... coffin's cube... had an under extrusion problem part way into the first piece and the top of it didn't print properly. All I have done so far is print from the SD card... no tinkering. So for that reason I'm very happy with the prints... blemishes n'
  11. Got the tracking number in my notification email from Ultimaker I picked mine up today from FedEx after a missed delivery yesterday - fortunately it all worked out.... Just need to find some time to set it up now!
  12. Estimated delivery : Fri 2/28/2014 I. Might. Have. It. Today. ... edit: Or not... got to sign something before it gets released... earliest is Monday... bugger.
  13. Shipped FedEx.... no wonder DHL couldn't find it! lol The super long number was the tracking number for fedex... it is already in Toronto for clearance :cool: Left on the 26th. Arrived in Memphis, TN the next day. "Import delay". Arrived in Toronto today. I'm away from Sunday til Tuesday :mad: :mad: :mad: Still, it is so close now
  14. ok, i'll be patient... or will at least try to be
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