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  1. I downloaded the correct firmware i believe from Cura(I probably did it 4 times making sure I did it correctly). And I was trying to do what you had just told me to do. I was just having a problems with getting the wires out and I didn't want to mess up the plug in or anything. I haven't messed with these smaller plug-ins before.
  2. Last night I was close to making my first print when I realized that my ultimaker was making the home position with the table at the very bottom of the of its limits. And when it went all the way to the bottom and hit the limit switch it didn't stop the z axis motor from turning. So I switched the plug-ins on the board for the z-axis stops and when I hit the stop this time it stop at the bottom most position. And I thought at this time something still wasn't right it was at the bottom most position for home. So I decided that the motor had to be rotating backwards. I look at the wire cluster for zaxis pictured above and the green and black wires are reversed compared to all other drives. Question is am I right in my observation. And how should i got about changing it without messing things up. Z axis plug in being in the bottom left corner
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