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  1. Hello everybody. I have problems with my Ultimaker Original. It started 3 months ago. Temperature readings were inaccurate as it was too cold or too hot. PLA strated making bubbles. Ok, I though I need new temp sensor. Oredered 2 of them to prevent off times in future. So I replaced temperature sensor and started test print. Heated up to 220/220°C, but as soon as it started homing, the temperature drop to 190°C and printer continued with heating to 220°C. It reached 220°C again, but real temperature was in that moment about 250°C. I thought it was a bad temperature amplifier. So I changed th
  2. Thank you for help, the problem was in jumper on Z axis stepper, there were 3 jumpers instead of 2, so it wasn't stepping 1/8 as it should. Thank you again for your help
  3. Thank you! I spent a lot of thenths of hours reading this forum before ordering my own. I was prepared to fight X/Y skipping and other common prodblems, but I was paying attention to these things during the build, so the common problems are fixed. Only this Z axis thing... I hope that the problem is underscrewed coupling between stepper and screw. I will try to screw it properlly tomorrow and print something. Or could it be the updated firmware? I installed Cura 14.01 and it asked me to update firmware, so I did it.
  4. Hello guys. Today I finished my Ultimaker Original build. What a machine. I was impressed by the quality of the components during the build. After about hour of messing with bed leveling I made my first print. It was the Ultimaker robot which was loaded in Cura 14.01. I choose the quick settings in the simple version of settings and clicked print. The final product wasnt bad, but it is only 1/2 of the original height.(I got about 1,7cm instead of 3,3cm) I printed with PLA/PHA from ColorFABB on 203°C, blue tape, Cura 14.01 via USB. I also have Ulticontroller connected, but didn't used it. The
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