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  1. I don't have any leaking on the printhead, so I think it's the copper paste, I wasn't aware of it! Thanks!
  2. I recently upgraded my UMO with a modified version of the UM2 Extruder Upgrade Kit, and found the printhead below the TFM coupler to be leaking slightly: Is this acceptable? If not, how do I fix it?
  3. Recently, the readings of the thermistor on my UMO are limited. A completely cold printhead will show ~120°C, when heating up this value does not change until the printhead actually reaches ~120°C. Then the temperature readings seem to be accurate within a margin of error. This all wouldn't be a problem, if the printer wouldn't abort heating before the printhead reached said thereshold. Of course the first thought is about a defect component, so I replaced: The thermistor The thermocouple The Ultiboard The Arduino I also checked the cables, of course. On the new arduino I flashed a customized fork of the Marlin firmware available on GitHub, forked from the Marlin_UM_HeatedBedUpgrade branch. Here's the link to my repo: https://github.com/MarkusA380/Marlin What could be the problem?
  4. Hello, I fear that my complete Hotend is starting to slowly give up on me, the wood is starting to bend and the screws got weak. So I am thinking that I would like to have a drop-in hotend, like this: But does this UM2 Hotend even work with my UM1? If not, what can I buy instead? I want to stick to 2.75mm filament. Greetings, Markus
  5. Also, do I need to plug the power in without an UltiController? If so, the light on the power supply unit goes off if I turn the switch on.
  6. Hello guys out there! I am having a problem with my newly assembled Ultimaker Original: It just doesn't heat up. I am running it over USB and as I have read, the fan on the bottom should turn on then. It also doesn't, i can have the switch turned on or off or the power supply cable plugged in or not. Nothing seems to work. Did I make a mistake? Greetings, MarkusA380
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