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  1. Ok I will try it Thanks I think reverting to older version of cura may have resolved my z axis issue.
  2. Because cura has a cap for 3mm filament I think it 120.
  3. Yes m119 was trying to test out my end stops before printing Yes I am using marlin I was pronterface today I want to see how well my calibration I have to use pronter just to be able to have live code input. But I was test to see how fast my printer could go.. Started with m220 s100 then s150 s175 s200 I was around s280 I did not want to really push it but my print was clean edges sharp I was doing a 40 mm fan mount adapter the had sharp corners circles hole infill a Jump to the second part horizontal holes all the things for real world test. So I went to cura to input speed 200 it said it
  4. Ok sorry been away first it a prusa i3. With ramps 1.4 home built. I have tried it with pronterface and no problems I found a older profile which I loaded up now and the older profile it can print but still on occasions it will continue the same past issues so what I do now is a bit of a pain but I do it to use cura. Load old profile configure old profile Is auto home level bed then raise z .9 mm set temp hit print. Works.. I had tried doing a "new machine" redid all settings but that did not work. My auto home starts at left corner nearest to you.. How can I set it up manually so that
  5. I am having a problem with my z axis it was alway working fine. Then one ny next print i did auto home like i normally do it did that little bounce and set itself correctly. I waited for everything to heat up the when the temp was right and the gcodes kicked in (checking the g28) x and y was good but the z did not do the bounce instead it continues to go negative squishing the z endstop till it can go no more then it tries to print. pressing and scrapping the glass. I have swapped out the step drivers same issue i also swapped out the endstop. it works fine if i hit auto home on my lcd. it'
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