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  1. Einfach ABS in Aceton auflösen und den Brei mit Pinsel auftragen.. hält bei mir Bombenfest...
  2. Also soweit ich das als Nichtchemiker verstehe, ist es eben KEIN Aceton sondern Ethyl acetate... Aceton reagiert wenn dann nur seehr minimal auf PLA (zumindest bei meinen bisherigen Versuchen). Hatte es letztens mit ABS versucht und bin echt begeistert.. Man muss das Aceton nicht mal erhitzen, sondern einfach das gedruckte Objekt zusammen mit einem acetongetränkten Tuch in einen geschlossenen Behälter.. dauert dann halt ein paar Stunden aber man behält etwas kontrolle. Man kann das Objekt auch etwas früher aus dem behälter nehmen (vorsicht: klebrig und weich ) da es noch etwas nachreagiert.
  3. Congratulations also from my side ! And have some fun with the upgrade . I´m going to put money aside from now on... Hopefully my girlfriend will not realize it
  4. obviously nothing what makes me work more awesome but hopefully something what makes me work more happier ! And ofcourse, it spents some light in the evenings during extra hours in the late evenings....so it´s useful...a bit... [print=3538][/print]
  5. Version 1.0


    this is a desk lamp I did for my office desk. I got this beutiful concept of an upcoming superhero called "IRONMOUSE" and I could not ressist to see it printed in 3D
  6. [print=3472][/print] Here is my entry to the contest... Nothing really life-changing for me but I´ve got lots of happy, fat birds in my backyard right now and a huge mess on my balcony floor
  7. Version 1.0


    Hopefully it helped some of the birds in my backyard to survive during the winter. Or even getting fat
  8. Congratulations guys ! Great work overall. It was much fun to take place in this contest.
  9. oh, ok thanks a lot... I will try, but it´s not that easy
  10. Hey there, just wanted to ask if there are any news about the contest, or did I miss anything ?
  11. So here is what I was working on the last few weeks. I wanted to pick the character theme and bring them together with the slogan of every page. I´m not the guy who´s fluently in english, so the descriptions are a bit short.I hope the pictures speak mostly for them selves The pictures should be seen as mockups, so some details are missing in this stage and are planned for further steps. HOME: The Idea of this page was not only to show the Ultimaker together with a beaver (both are makers and build things) I also wanted to show the love into the machine.That´s why the beaver carved a hear
  12. Here is an additional sketch to my animal-creature-work. The weasel on my first sketch has now changed into an otter sitting in front of a fish jumping out of a pond.
  13. So here are my ideas of "heroes" for the Hero Design Contest. I thought it would be fun to explore the animal-creature-theme a bit more... Each animal stands for one page. Maybe some of them will come together with small items ( the worm could sit on the mushroom, the bear could get some bees or the rabbit will have a carrot) To show how the models should look at the end, I started to sculpt the first of them. The beaver: It´s designed in several parts. So the eyes, arms and legs are movable, which makes it more flexible and interactive. I´m looking forward for some comments.
  14. Hi, also wie ich das verstehe, ist der Ultimaker+ KEIN komplett überarbeiteter Ultimaker original, sondern genau der, wobei er nun ein Heizbett samt 3-Punkt-levelling-system besitzt (Beides in meinen Augen die Kernfeatures des Ultimaker2). Ich besitzt seit knapp 2 Jahren einen auf Heizbett und 3-punkt umgerüstetetn original und bin seeeehr zufrieden. Der Vorteil ist, das durch den zusammenbau die Zurückhaltung vor eigenen Umbauten schwindet und man so die Druckqualität noch um einiges steigern kann (z.B. Direktantrieb, GT2 Zahnräder und Riemen...). Was Leider immer noch sehr stört, ist die
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