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  1. We have a voucher and were looking to use it for spare parts. Mainly the belts and the heater blocks as we saw those as the most likely to fail over time.
  2. Have increased temperature to 230. Speed down to 40mm/s. Still no difference so took the material feeder off and adjusted the pinch wheel. Seem to be getting a mix of results dependent upon PLA colour. Now seem to have extra ribs added to the part when printing. The 'walls' aren't showing in Cura and yet it prints them?
  3. Does anyone know if the spare parts in the store fit the Ultimaker 2 or just the original?
  4. Speed: Printing 50mm/s; travel 50mm/s; base 5mm/s Temperation 210 0.2mm layer height Printing in PLA and a lot of jumping around of material going on
  5. Having problems with material feed or retraction not quite sure what's happening. It starts off OK and then has problems. Please see photo and help me with solving the problem we're having. This is a UM2.
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