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  1. Yep that was the problem. Now it works again. Thx
  2. I've encountered a new type of problem I've never seen before. The print head acts all wonky when it is about to start print/level printing bed. It only seems to act like this in the "starting corner".
  3. No more getting stuck in the tube and grinding of material =D. Finally I can start printing things with quality and reproduce the results. Thanks for all the help!
  4. Thanks you all for the insights and tips. The fan in the back was not spinning at all. After a little trouble shooting I found out that the reason for this was because the connector attaching to the arduino board was intalled the wrong way :mad: . After I flipped the connector the fan started to spin (for the first time...). Hopefully it will now work a lot better. Regarding the chewed up material in the back. What can I do about this?
  5. I can't get my UM2 to print properly. The material gets stuck in the lower part of the tube after a couple of minutes. I would imagine this to be caused by the temperature beeing to high together with a slow speed but I have followed other peoples settings where they have gotten good results. The printer is located in a quite small room that can get pretty hot sometimes, could this be a part of the problem? Printspeed: 40mm/s Temp: 190°C layerheight: 0.2mm
  6. Yesterday these settings printed just fine (I printed that cube puzzle that came on the ultimaker sd card with great results). On the ultimaker I had set the speed to 60%, bottom plate to 65deg, and nossle temp 230deg. Today I get this??? When I aborted this print the nossle was a couple of mm above the plate and no material was beeing extruded. What might cause this?
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