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  1. Well now - i have tried another model of mine and the retraction is working. The extruder wheel does go backwards during a retraction process. So I'm not sure what is going on. But as I am using the version 13.06.4 and the "Expert Config panel " states no retraction values. I would assume that I only have access to the "Basic" tab of the "Full Settings under "Tools" "Enable Retraction" button. I will try the new beta version as well for the retraction issue. Oh - and thank you very much for this beta version opportunity to disable the webcam features of the Cura release.
  2. I currently have "combing everything (Type-A)" and "combing everything (Type-B)" disabled. Now what could it be ?
  3. OK - nevermind - Apparently after setting up the initial run of the verion 13.06.4, I used the little Ultimaker robot and it started out with retraction occuring, but half-way through the layering the retraction process stopped and when it came time to do a tool path, the extruder was only stopped, NOT retracted. Is there something wrong with the calibration of the extruder ? I have the extruder adjustment pulled down. What gives?
  4. Interesting... I was in Expert Mode. I have since pushed back to version 13.06.4 and it works great. Obviously there is a "retraction setting" in the Expert mode, that I have yet to see. I'll have to try version 14.01 again. BTW, I still have webcam issues when using Cura, even after taking out the vidcap.pyd file. I and others use Video Conferencing processing to view the work as it is progressing. We use VSee to have as many as 10 viewers looking at 3 webcams of the process.
  5. I recently discovered that my tool paths on my models have been materializing since I had upgraded my Cura version 13.0.6 to 14.01. The tool paths should not be printed and yet - there they are. I have noticed that the retraction process (the "Extruder") has not been going backwards while performing a tool path, as my 13.0.6 version had done previously. The "Extruder" gear always seems to stop while performing the tool paths, instead of retracting (going backwards). Is this a bug in 14.01 ?
  6. I actually got a chance to remove the vidcap.pyd file and restarted Cura. Yes - the Camera tab does not show up in the "Print" module, BUT the camera is still help hostage by Cura.
  7. I too am using a Logitech "Quickcam Pro for notebooks" and am still having a problem with Cura (14.0.1 - the latest as of Feb 7, 2014) that will not release the webcam from the Cura recording, so that I can use a third party video conference product. I even tried to add another camera to my desktop, but apparently Cura took that camera as well. Help!
  8. I have successfully used the Windows application of the Cura 14.0 version and had recently discovered that I need to have this Cura product working on a Redhat / Fedora Linux system. I downloaded the "Cura-13.04-linux.tar.gz" file from the Ultimaker/software - old software list. It seems to be the latest linux version that is not Ubuntu / Debian. There doesn't seem to be a distributed process like the one that uses the Ubuntu / Debian process. For example to download the Ubuntu product I simply kick off this command: "git clone https://github.com/daid/Cura.git" and kick off the following commands : sudo yum install python-opengl sudo yum install python-numpy sudo yum install python-serial sudo yum install python-setuptools BUT - with REDHAT (linux version) I can't perform these processes. I need to install this package on my Redhat / Scientific / CentOS machines. What's next, please?
  9. Thanks guys. I feel much better that I can change my settings like a normal process. Works great!
  10. I'm new (using Cura since Sept, 2013) to this forum and was wondering where the machine settings for version 14.01 are? When I go to "Machine Settings" there are no Layer Height / Shell Thk / Fill Density / Initial Layer Thk / Bottom Layer speed / etc... Are these settings buried in the "High vs Normal vs Low" print quality? If so, how can I change these values?
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