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  1. Resolution: For my particular problem, after @illuminarti ruled out the comms as being the issue I went back in and checked my filament and sure enough it was still gettting scuffed up, which told me it wasn't feeding cleanly. I swapped out the temporary tube I had used with the Bowden tube I received a couple of days ago and the prints are coming out just fine now. Thanks for the help illuminarti.
  2. @gr5: I printed the three successful prints via USB cable... When I started having the problem, one of the things that I tried was generating the g-code to SD card and printing directly from SD card. No joy. The first four or five solid layers seem to lay down smoothly and then the stuttering begins... If, as @illuminarti suggests, the checksum messages are just a product of serial comms error correction then I'm back to thinking that the real issue may be a feed issue... I'll check my filament to see if it is getting scuffed up.
  3. Three successful small prints with icemaker feeder tube as a substitute. It's fairly stiff and the correct OD... If I have feed issues I'll swap in the Bowden tube that arrived on 1/23. Thanks for getting it sent out, Sander.
  4. I was able to do three successful prints on my new Ultimaker before I started getting "checksum" errors in the output on the "TERM" tab. The printhead goes from a smooth laydown of PLA into a stuttering, jerking motion as it moves across the model and instead of solid outer walls, the result is a lattice-work trellis-looking structure. I've tried: - reinstalling Cura - re-flashing the software on my Ultimaker Original - printing from SD card (my original three successful prints were via USB cable directly from Cura [very nice...]) I was hopeful when I read Max1424's success... but when I
  5. I'm running into the same problem except that none of the prints will complete successfully. Has anyone found the root cause for the checksum problem? I'm dead in the water and nothing will print correctly. I was able to print three successful objects before this started.
  6. I am EXTREMELY dsappointed with my Ultimaker experience thus far... I ordered an original Ultimaker on 12/31 and fourteen hours into the build I discovered that the kit that had been sent did not include a Bowden tube. I contacted Maker Media, Inc (who had sold me the kit) and they pointed me back to Ultimaker because they (Maker Media) supposedly didn't stock replacement parts [strike One]. When I finally got a response from Ultimaker the next day [01/14/14], Simone emailed "I just contacted our logistic deparment and we are going to send you the missing bowden tube. I want to resolve you
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