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  1. Thanks for the reply, ahoeben. You cab see the difference on the dimension indications: In the case of 4.3.0 the height is 10.1 (acceptable), for 4.6.2 the height is 2.6 (mm). The perspectives are the same for the pictures shown, but I had to include the error message, so the total picture is different. I imported the same picture again, now for the Color Model 'Doorschijnend' (Transparant?), leaving the new field to the default 50. Now the dimension is the same as for Cura 4.3.0. The import again results in the error message. After empting the platform and reimporting, the result i
  2. I imported the same picture in Cura_4.3.0 and in Cura_4.6.2. I see now that a field has been added to the import window: Color model. The import window for Cura 4.3.0 is: What results in: The import window for Cura 4.6.2 is: With the result: ( Cura 4.6.2 shows an error importing the same picture. )
  3. I import a jpg picture in Cura 4.6.2, but the base and height are interpreted totally wrong. In Version 4.3.0 it was OK - as it was for many years in former versions! Something must have changed between 4.4.1 and 4.5 apparently. Please, repair this bug!
  4. Hi John, I came accross the Bondtech extruder when I had extreme and irregular underextrusion problems. I searched the forum and looked at the Zero gravity design. For this design, several items have to be 3D printed which should have thermal and structural stability. Impossible to make with a printer having underextrusion problems... The link to this design is: In this post also the Bondtech extruder is mentioned. Looking further for this Bondtech, I found this post made by Ataraxis: I just followed this post. Now the mentioned Bondtech extruder is sold as a UM2 upg
  5. Hi John, in march 2016 I replaced the drivers for the X and Y-axis only, and got (and still have) a nice and quite UMO. So what you could do is set back the driver for the Z-axis (it doesn't make a lot of noise) and for the extruder. Recently I replaced the extruder for a Bondtech one and finally got a reliable feed without underextrusion. It's been a long time ago, but I do not recall the steps/mm had to be changed. Maybe I am wrong, but I would suggest to double check on that.
  6. Maybe you should contact Tenlog for a possible upgrade for the (tenson),def,json files. Or, maybe on a Tenson user forum (if it exists) you may have success. On the Tenlog's website I still see the Cura 4.4 version only. So maybe it is wise at this time to uninstall Cura 4.6.1 and go back to the version supplied with your printer. Sad, but wise for the moment.
  7. Aaaarrrghhh, I would NEVER have found this simple hidden feature without you! Only by bringing the cursor to the very right hand side of the addition window the scrollbar pops up. Thanks a lot for this help!
  8. I also have a problem in adding a new printer (non-Ultimaker). For now, I use Cura only for my UMO printer, but intend to invest in an affordable different one too. When trying to add a new printer, only Ultimaker printers are in the list, but no possibiity is shown of adding a third party printer. What do I overlook? I understand files should exist in the resources/definitions, extruders and meshes folders (Windows 10) and these are found there definitively. But how should I use those files in order to use Cura for these printers too?
  9. Je kunt met CURA de gcode bestuderen en zien of de lagen correct worden geprint. Je kunt zelf in de gcode zoeken naar de opdracht de z-as een laagje op te schuiven. Je kunt voor de zekerheid de z-as nog eens smeren en een aantal keren op-en-neer bewegen.
  10. It shouldn't be too difficult to find suppliers in your country. When searching for 'Neoceram nederland' I found 2 possible suppliers both active in the heater / furnace area. I guess also the name Robax and/or Vitroceram are used for the same.
  11. Kies in Expert: Switch to full settings. Dan in tab Advanced staat onder Speed: Infill speed (mm/s)
  12. In Cura (2.3.1) I can export a material as a .xml.fdm_material file. I am not successfull in importing such file to add a new material. What is the correct procedure to create / change and import a material file?
  13. Ben benieuwd naar de mogelijkheden voor printen met 2 materialen bij een UMO+. (Ook al gaat het over de UM3 ;-) ).
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