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  1. Hi Burki, Thank you for kind response.. Yes, and no.. :???:.. You confirm my suspicions. Thinking about it, I feel I must get this info confirmed by Ultimaker.. It is possible there are different versions of controller board or amp that have different pin outs or other ; Highly unlikely, I know, but if I make changes that are wrong, or damage has already been caused, the recovery bill will be on me !.. I am STILL waiting for Bowden tube, missing in the original kit shipment, and wouldn't you know, the head that's down is the one that I fitted the one tube I did get; I laced it rather than use the supplied spiral wrap, feeling it provides infinitely more support for this type of application.. Must admit to being a tad disappointed at the mix ups, and delays.. I guess we are all human though.. I will get started one day.... Will try to get answers from Ultimaker again.. Thanks for your help.. Regards..
  2. I have just completed the build of an Ultimaker, with dual extruders.. I hit a problem when trying to do the 'run first wizard' checks through Cura. End result, after kind advice from this site, I removed the second plug for the extruder from the control board, and at least got basic checks completed ok. Upon troubleshooting the second head problem, I have noticed what appears to be an irregularity in the 'head' to control board wiring loom. Looking at the underside of the machine, the extruder plugs can be seen; In pictures within building manuals, the wires are, from the right side of the machine, coloured; (temp1 plug) Yellow, Red, Black. (temp2 plug) Green, Orange, Brown. However.... the wiring loom that I received, the Orange and Brown on temp2 plug are the other way round. Thus, I have (temp1 plug) Yellow, Red, Black. (temp2 plug) Green, BROWN, ORANGE. Tracing back from the head amplifier pcb's, it would seem as if Orange and Brown ARE the wrong way round. I do not wish to just go ahead and swap these around in case I cause myself further problems...! Also nullify any warranty... Not having access to circuit diagrams etc, I do not know if this is right or wrong.. Can someone please comment...
  3. I have noticed several people finding difficulties in feeding cable harness' through the fabric guides. This can be so easy. Find some plastic banding; the stuff that they wrap round large heavy packages. It comes in a variety of thickness' and widths, a look through shop packaging waste, skips, any industrial supplier will just throw it out. It has a thousand uses, and is brilliant stuff.. It has longitudinal fibres imbedded in the plastic, and can easy be split longitudinally to the desired width. I used a single piece, stripped down to about 6mm, and about 500mm long. As someone rightly posted, if a cable has numerous connectors on it, then neatly, carefully, and with the smallest profile, 'nest' these together in line, holding them in place with masking tape, neatly working from the end connector toward the main cable.. Then use a small amount of tape to affix the prepared end to the strapping strip, already prepared. The 'free' end of this 'assembly' is fed through the guides, straight through the base of the machine. As you pull this further, the other end of the strapping with the connectors attached, can be gently guided into the cable sleeve; gently hold existing cables from being dragged too, and ensure nothing 'binds' as the strapping is pulled through. This method also helps to ensure that there is no damage, or stress, to the often sensitive cable terminations. If things get tight, either re insert, or just lightly squeeze the cable guide to 'settle' existing cables. Do not forget to support existing cables, so they are not being pulled as well, and stressed. So effortless, and all that is left to do is carefully remove the tape..
  4. Thanks all so much for your input.. I decided the green screw blocks were always potentially going to be a source of problem, so I have removed them and substituted pcb solder pins.. Getting exactly the same... measuring the amp output v, it is clear that the second extruder head is causing a problem. I have simply unplugged this from the main board. Bingo.. I have a new friend... I am sure of connections, etc. Is it worthwhile reversing the red and yellow leads on this second probe?. Apart from that, I guess substitution would prove if the second probe is duff... hopefully there will be some brighter ideas out there.. Well done, and thank you all.
  5. Hi, I have just completed the build of my Ultimaker Original with dual extrusion... Whist awaiting the missing Bowden tube guide, I am trying to verify the machine via USB to Cura V13.12 I have updated Marlin ok (I think).. the next step to perform basic checks in Cura is not going well... Basically, the good old 'max temp' comes up, with error code1.. I have tried to cut and paste the error log details.. got them into word, with more detail, but will not paste here... Any suggestions please? seeing a lot of different views and directions.. Thanks ..
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