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  1. Hello, we have been using our Ultimaker 1 for several months. The printer is working on smaller parts but failing on parts that take more than 4-5 hours. Usually, the part prints well for a few hours, then we start to see inconsistent feeding. Sometimes the filament is too thin for a layer or two. This gets worse and worse until the PLA completely fails to extrude. We have tried different brands of filament, different temperatures, different layer settings. It seems that whatever we do, the behavior is similar. It prints well for 4-5 hours, gets thin, then clogs completely. We have had about 8 parts fail in this way and it is frustrating! After it clogs, we stop the part, then turn the hot end up to 250 to drain out the clog. After doing that, we are good for another few hours before it fails again. The photo attached illustrated the problem. You can see that the part starts well, gets worse, and then failed. If you have any advice, please share. We'd love to get our printer working for large parts. Thanks! Adam
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